30 May 2013

Notepad.cc: A Simple Shareable Online Notepad

Notepad.cc screenshot

Notepad.cc is so simple, minimal and barebones that the only thing I can compare and describe it with is that it is the perfect equivalent to creating a text document file on Windows. Just that in you open new tab in your browser. 

Because that really is it. You just open Notepad.cc in your browser, and it creates a blank digital sheet of writing paper.

However it is worth writing about it because whenever you create a new notepad, it generates as an unique URL for you to save.  If you write something and you share the notepad URL for it as it was in your browser address bar. It will show what you wrote to whoever you share it with and remain editable and customizable.

Simply put,  that first unique URL is your account.

But you can also give it a custom URL too to make it easier to remember.  And if you don’t want it to be a publicly findable  & editable address. You can also add a password to it.

For example mine is http://Notepad.cc/AvatarX  and if you visit it, the page you get is as shown in this following screenshot.  Password protected.


Nonetheless you can still publicly share a non-editable version of it  by saving the link generated when you click on “Share This” at the bottom of the page from it. Like this one:  http://notepad.cc/share/2iC38bk0QV

Simple don’t it?


Notepad.cc is then a deceptively simple and minimal online notepad with clear ways of use that can be actually useful for private online conversations, group to-do lists, peer-edited text or simply as a way to send/post anonymous online public notes. Notes that are as easy to access as you want them. As of the writing of this post, it worked well even on mobile browsers like UC browser, Nokia Xpress and of course IE9 and IE10 for Windows Phone 7 and 8 respectively. It even works in IE9 for the Xbox 360. Optionally you can also make it a SSB App using Chrome/Iron Application Shortcuts or with Bubbles .

Other similar online apps/tools to this ones would be SimpleText.ws and JustPaste.it.






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