06 June 2013

An Easy Guide To Unbrick And Restore A Dell Venue Pro

I originally posted this in G+ over a year ago. Back then I did so because someone asked for my help on the subject and I had notes on it anyway from the time I had to unbrick my own DVP . But recently someone else wrote me about a bricked Dell Venue Pro and since my DVP 32GB is still going strong and this same guide has now been used to unbrick at least 10 DVP’s that I personally know of. Why not reshare it again? Thought of just linking the guy to my G+ post. But I decided I would port that post to here in Appatic instead. And that is that.

Dell Venue Pro - DVP

This is a heavily extended and more universally accessible version of the most known XDA guide to unbrick a Dell Venue Pro.

1. Turn off your DVP
2.  Remove Backplate And Battery

If you replaced your SD card (and voided the warranty in the process) please insert your stock SD card at this time. If you have never touched your SD card then never mind and carry on

3.  Leave it like that for a bit while you get the files you are going to need for the unbricking.
4.  Download this Zip file from my SkyDrive: http://sdrv.ms/R077Gp
5.  UnZip it to your Desktop
6.  Check that you have the latest Zune Software. That at the moment of writing this guide must be 4.8
7.  Now check if you have anything called UpdateWPsupportTool installed. If you do, uninstall it and reboot. Yeah, you read right, reboot your PC. If not, then no.
8. Install the UpdateWPsupportTool in the UpdateWP Tool 1 folder in the Dell Venue Pro Unbricking Files folder you just unzipped to your desktop matching your OS version.
9. Done? Return to the main level of the DVPWF folder and open the UpdateWP folder that matches your OS. Be the 32 bits or the 64 bits one.
10. Copy the two files of your OS-matching UpdateWP folder into your Zune folder in the Program Files folder at C:/
11. Return to the main level in the DVWF folder and now move the VenuePro.ffu file to the Zune folder you just moved the two UpdateWP folder files.
12. Ok, Put back together your DVP
13. Now you need to enter the boot loader by holding the volume down (-), the camera button, and only once you have those holding down tight, hold the power button. DO NOT RELEASE THESE until you see the image of a phone, USB cable, and laptop. Something that can take from 5 to 7 seconds.
14. Connect your Dell Venue Pro to your computer with the USB cable that came with the phone or simply an original DVP usb cable. It can take up to 5 minutes for the phone to be recognized by your computer. If after 5 minutes your phone hasn’t been recognized, repeat trying with another USB port.
15. Close Zune Software if it opened and wait 10 seconds as it takes a bit for it to really unload from memory.
16. Once the DVP has been recognized, quickly open up command prompt. If you are in XP just launch RUN from your start menu, type cmd and then hit enter. If you are in Windows 7 or Windows vista then do a start search for cmd.exe, right click and start it with admin rights.
17. With cmd now open, change directory to “C:\program files\zune\” by typing “cd C:\program files\zune\” and hitting enter
18. Then type “UpdateWp /list” and your phone should show up there within 3 seconds.
19. Now type “updatewp /ffu VenuePro.ffu”
20. Hit enter and DO NOT unplug the phone. This process can take anywhere between 3 and 10 minutes.
21. This should work and bring your DVP back to the Windows Phone 7.0 stock state it was in late 2010.

If for some reason it times out while installing or your DVP gets stuck in the dell logo while rebooting. You will need to repeat steps: 1 and 2 while not forgetting to disconnect the usb cable from the pc too. wait 15 seconds and then repeat steps 12-20. Don't get frustrated if your DVP gets stuck in the Dell Logo while rebooting. It took me 3 times and 2 times for the other ones i restored to fully reboot and be well. If you have got to 3 times and it still don't goes through all the way, reboot and retry. You can retry as many times you feel like it or needed

Now that your DVP has been unbricked and restored. you may think this is it and that you are through. Not so. I don't do things half way once i do them. So, lets make sure your DVP is really well and to ensure you will be able to restore as many times as needed or wanted

22. With your now fully restored DVP in hand turned on and now in the start screen. Open your settings, scroll to your "About" section at the bottom and tap it.
23. Check and see if your storage is what it should be. If it shows less than 500mb of storage. I got news for you: Like in most causes of DVP brickings. Your MicroSDHC is either dead or a zombie. Neither case is a good thing so you will need to replace it. If you see into storage and it is 7gb or 14gb or 29gb like it should be then your MicroSD is still OK enough. You can now connect it again to your PC, open zune and update it up to WP 7.5 Mango. Which should take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes depending your connection speed and your pc speed. You also now have a Mango restore point just in case you need to follow this guide again. If you didn't saw the storage amount you should had seen, then read along.

24. Take out the MicroSDHC card and replace it with an exact match (brand and class) of the stock one it had in the capacity you want. yes, even up to the 32gb one. Usually that means a class 4 MicroSDHC. But first just leave out the DVP cardless and put it back together and turn it on. It should boot just fine even if slower.

Now that you have the new MicroSDHC of your liking here is what you need to do next

25. Turn on your DVP, but remove the backplate.
26. Reset your phone from the "About" section in settings.
27. Keep an eye on it while it turns off and reboots. Once you see the Dell Logo count to 5 and then quickly take out the battery.
28. Count to 5 again.
29. Put in the new MicroSDHC gently in place.
30. Put back together your DVP again and turn it on.
31. Check your "About" section in settings again.
32. You should see the correct storage count and with that you should be done. If for some reason you don't, then you will have to repeat steps 25-31.

33. That is it! You have Unbricked and Restored your Dell Venue Pro!

Please link to this guide if you know someone that may benefit from it. Comment if you used it too.




Unknown said...

Plz help me after trying this my dvp is not getting updated to 7.8......plz help me guys.....

Karthik said...

No Words, Was searching for FFU file, all the available link in the websites are expired. Finally found this and downgraded my Firmware to 7.0.

Thanks a Million, Your effort is sincerely appreciated.

Avatar X said...

@Karthik Glad it was useful to you. I must say I didn't expected that it would this guide would be used so many times. But it is very cool to know that with it dozens of DVP's were unbricked.


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