11 June 2013

Microsoft Computex 2013 Windows 8.1 Keynote Video With Timeline Marks, Highlights And Commentary

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Thanks to Notebook Italia, there is this pretty well recorded video of the Microsoft Computex Keynote. The very same one that made the first introduction of Windows 8.1. Instead of just embedding it here and call it a day. I decided to take a few notes of it since I was going to watch it anyway. So, you can easily decide what parts of it to watch or if you just want to know what was in it. It may have not seen as a note worthy keynote to watch, but there were actually some great nuggets of info to get out from it. Specially if you happen to be an experienced Microsoft Watcher. Which is why I bring you what details out of it are the ones worth reading about in this post. My comments are inside brackets alongside the details or below them.

Also if after reading this post you are wondering why it this Windows OS update is named Windows 8.1 instead of Windows 8 SP1, then check out the linked post within this line.


0.00.10 -0.00.58             Presenter Intro

0.00.59 - 0:07.48            Industry Growth & Opportunity on Windows - Presentation 
                                 Nick Parker - Corporate Vice President of OEM Relations

Key numbers and details were:

Windows 8 Embedded is at over 1 billion units ( of past Windows Embedded OSes obviously )  2 billion expected  by 2016

86% of the work handheld device market is running on a Windows Embedded OS

(This likely includes WIN CE 6 R2 and WEC7 )

88% of Point of Sale devices run on a Windows Embedded OS.

(Not much of a surprise really, even Apple Stores used Windows Embedded OS Point-Of Sale devices up until less than 2 years ago)

Windows Phone 8

131% growth in the past 12 months.
145,000+ apps
90% of top apps in other Mobile OSes. 

(Based on previous Microsoft presentations, they meant from the top 100 U.S.A apps in both Google Play and iOS App Store)

50 Languages  
190 Markets   (Same number that Nokia casually has access to. Not a coincidence)

0:08:00 -  0:21:00          Tami Reller  - Chief Financial Officer & Chief Marketing Officer for Windows.

                                            Full on Windows 8 Trajectory Recap


The key numbers and details from her presentation were:

100 million  Windows 8/Windows RT Licenses sold up to now

80,000+ Apps In the Windows Store. 94% of them are ARM compatible.   (Today the number is already 85K+)
250 million Skydrive active users  (Since everyone with a Microsoft Account got access to it)
400 million Outlook.com active users 
700 million Microsoft accounts
3200 certified Windows 8 Devices
Touch Devices availability up 6X since launch in late October of 2012.
Selected Windows 8 Slates will come with Office 2013 Home & Student                                                               (More than likely only for the 7-8 inchers)
Support 7" and 8" slate form factors coming
Windows 8.1  will have better portrait  mode support 
Windows RT  will get Outlook RT with the RT 8.1 update.
Support for more chips : bay-trail, Qualcomm 8974 and Nvidia T40 

(Otherwise known as Core i 3rd Gen, Snapdragon 800 and Tegra 4)

More partner opportunity for Windows RT

(Translation:  They cut the price a bit and are adding Outlook RT as already mentioned)

Windows 8.1 will come with a lot more business apps support
Windows 8.1 preview will be available in June 26
Windows 8.1 expands Windows 8 RTM based on the implementation of key costumer feedback

0:21:31 -  0:53:00    Antoine Leblond  - Corporate Vice President for  Windows Computer Software
                                     Windows  8.1 Demo

0:54:00 - 1:06:00     Steven Guggenheimer – Corporate Vice President Developer Platform Evangelism          

                                     Demo Windows 8- Windows Phone 8 third party Apps

1:06:15 - 1:23:00     Nick Parker Corporate Vice President OEM Relations with assistance by Leann Rands

                                      W8-W8S-W8E-WP8- New Hardware showcase demo

1:23:15-1:24:30      Nick Parker Corporate Vice President OEM Relations                                       

                                     Closing words.





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