20 June 2013

Microsoft Photo Editor Portable Enhancer Patch

Microsoft Photo Editor Logo

Back in Appatic early days, I posted about Microsoft Photo Editor Portable. Something I had originally found in a forum somewhere around 2007 I think. If not earlier. To read all about it and to get it, check that post

Microsoft Photo Editor Portable

Well, a few months ago, while Appatic was still in hiatus. Norman Iscove wrote me saying he had a patched version of the MPE executable that enhanced it for modern use. Removing common issues and limitations in it. Issues and limitations that are simply results out of this been such an incredible old App. This patched version from Iscove adds the following:

  • Ability to handle large photo file sizes
  • Restoring app window after minimized
  • Ability to handle high zooming in factors in 32 bit displays for editing

And the best part is that using this patched MPE executable don’t affects its compatibility. It works in any Windows OS from Windows 95 to Windows 8.

Microsoft Photo Editor Portable

In order to upgrade your current MPEP, just download this patched executable of Photoed.exe and extract it in the MPEP folder, wherever you may have it. When the system tells you if you want to replace the old file with the new one. Accept the change. Alternative you can just erase the old one first and then just drop this new one in. That would be pretty much the only thing you need to do. After that, just enjoy it.


Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 Patch


via App Submission 




Anonymous said...

When I open the program I get an error: 'No file format information can be found in the Registry'.

Neil Parsons said...

It happened the same to me, as I have Windows 10 running on my actual PC, but the program runs afterwards (with or without compatibility issue activated), but nothing else can be done for editing/working on my photographs or rest of images.

Unknown said...

When i open a image it say, Unknown file formate.


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