07 June 2013

PaperKit: A Free Printable Paper Template Generator


Clever utility web app show up from time to time and sometimes they are simple but not well designed. Other times they are well designed but overly complex.

PaperKit is a free printable paper template generator and one of those clever utility web apps that is super simple and super well designed. It allows you to generate a PDF file for printing 3 kinds of paper templates:

1.- Graph Paper    

Paperkit.net graph paper screenshot     ?

2.- Dotted Paper

Paperkit.net dotted paper sceenshot      ?

3.- Lined Paper

paperkit.net lined paper screenshot      ? 

Each setting generates the most commonly used kind of paper template for graph, dotted and lined paper. Yet it also provides you with 6 adjustable settings so you tweak the each kind of paper template to your hearts content:

  • Format
  • Units
  • Spacing
  • Margins
  • Stroke width
  • Stroke color

And from the moment you think you have it like you want it. You just need to click the download button in the floating panel and a PDF will be swiftly generated for you. Simple, Easy and Free. I think Paperkit.net is great online tool. One I actually not only tested, but that I have found myself using too.




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