29 September 2013

IP-Secrets: What Is Your IP And What It Tells About You To Every Site You Visit

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Web Apps that tell you your IP are a dime a dozen. The problem is that most of them go overboard in trying to flashy, fill their pages with ads and most often than not don`t tell you what you need to now in a direct and clear way.

IP-Secrets is a simple web app service that tells you your IP and the information about it relevant to it plus what your browser told the site and what it tells every site you visit. This done in a clear and simple way.

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IP-Secrets provides you with the following information regarding your IP and the information left also by your browser shown in a way similar to this write-up:

Facts about your IP (Data you offer in every case)

  • Your Current IP-Address
  • Your Country Of Origin
  • The Region Of Your Country Where The IP Is Pointing To
  • Your Browserstring
  • Your Operating System
  • Your Browser Brand
Recognizable by Javascript (Information that can be detected when JS is enabled, which is most of the times)
  • Your Screen Resolution
  • Your Screen Color Depth
  • Plugins Connected And Operable By Your Browser
All relevant info exposed in one page with few ads and telling you where does the info came from and how.
Apart from this, IP-Secrets also offers a Domain to IP number converter, an IP to country code resolver, an IP to geolocation tester and a browser history spy tester. All offered in a honest manner for free.
IP-Secrets is then an IP finder and info guide web app i wholeheartedly recommend you to keep in your bookmarks.




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