04 September 2013

Looking Back On 3 Years Of Joulemeter Usage

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Back in 2010 I posted on Joulemeter 1.0. At the time an Alpha App which allows you to track your PC power consumption over time for as long as you want. I have been running it in one of my laptops since July of 2010. An ASUS 1201N. This is how 37 months of power consumption look like for it. And yes. It has been on pretty much all day, every day since day.

One image is worth a thousand words so here it is:

Joulemeter Stats

And I also can tell you that it only consumes around 3mb of RAM on average if only running it as a App Process Service and 5mb if you keep the Stats Board in your System Tray. It occurred it would be good to look back on and write about it.

If you want to know more about the app and check it out check the old post on it. It will still work from XP SP3  up to Windows 8.1


Joulemeter: Estimate Your Computer Power Consumption





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