24 September 2013

Now Accepting Ad Squares And Sponsored Posts In Appatic

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Things have finally aligned and am now ready to give Appatic another go in a daily basis. Because of that, also do want it for it to make sense economically.  But at the same time I don`t want to be running third-party ad networks. Or to fill the blog with Ads that will probably be poorly targeted and annoying. I have never done so, even if it could had made sense in economic terms, because that is just so not me.

Then the only possible solution is offering targeted 125x125 AdSquares from sponsors I like, for things I would be comfortable recommending.  In many cases from services I myself use.  And it is what I had set myself to find. In the past year, I have had dozens of AdSquares submissions. Of those, in almost all cases I was NOT OK with putting AdSquares for what was being offered. Even if that meant passing on some easy money. In others, the sponsor-to-be parties got suddenly acquired.

So, instead, am slowly finding sponsors by reaching into brands, products and services I have come across or that I use. Even if that means starting out as affiliate in some cases. In total there is 10 and only 10 AdSquare slots available. If you are interested, please reach out. The prices I am charging are introductory, as in offering a lot of value.

Anyway. I still have got the very first service I am glad to promote and advertise. That being BitcoinWebHosting.net. A web host mindful of privacy and that will also take Bitcoin among its pay options. How could it not be great to be supported by a service like that. And that by the way, paid me in Bitcoin too.


(If you are looking for a privacy mindful web host, check them out)

Which brings me to note that I am very open to Bitcoin or Litecoin Accepting services,products and brands.

The reason of that, having been explained in detail in this post:

My Stance On Bitcoin.

Other ways I have looked on to support me are accepting Sponsored Posts. Which are a good choice for many apps and services looking for a space to be featured.

Other than that. You can also help me out via the Flattr Button in the right sidebar or by donating to me in Bitcoin or Litecoin. You can find the addresses at Appatic About Page. If you decide to support the blog, an in turn, me. I thank you in advance.

Finally, I will be completing some upgrades to the blog template and within weeks you should start seeing the blog being updated Monday to Friday.




Unknown said...

I am very much interested in your ad squares and sponsored posts. I am a strong supporter of GBBG organization and would like to promote them directly: http://www.bitbillions.com/?refid=16baDwtNMeXhksVEe4ibnNLfw82znkGaiL
or indirectly through their newest "win your dream car" PTC: http://www.iwantacar.com/?refid=16baDwtNMeXhksVEe4ibnNLfw82znkGaiL

You can read more about the last one in BitcoinTalk Forum: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=301514.0 and https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=154089.0. I of course gladly answer all your questions, I strongly believe that GBBG is an organization well worth promoting.

I am looking forward to hear from you, thank you, Merry

Avatar X said...

@merry It has to make sense thematically and contextually. Otherwise it is not really targeted and tailored blog advertising. But I thank you for the offer.


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