29 October 2013

Bitcoin News Summary For The Fourth Week Of October 2013 (21-27)


The Feel Of The Week

What a week it was. The only way I could describe it is like a Rollacoaster that somehow accelerated only when going up and slowed when going down

The Highlights:

> USD Exchange Average Value per Bitcoin started this week at 175 after a lift off that inspired many to shout "TO THE MOON". And just like a rocket it went up very very fast. First at 180, then 190, then finally to 200, breaking that mark for the second time ever. And then finally all the way up to 210 for a very brief but exciting moment for some. Then it took a dive all the way down to 180 and it pretty much stood there. Still, the week ended with the BAEP at the very Highest for a week period EVER. Breaking away from what happened in April.


> +Bitcoinfilm Released their newest Documentary Short
This time about Bitcoin being one good option for Organic Farmers in Argentina.


> According to a report, it appears that the new guy running MasterCard hates Bitcoin. And likes to tell people about it.

Link: Mastercard Hates Bitcoins

> AdultWay.com decides to adopt Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin progress in good old fashioned internet porn has room to progress. Surely they are in the way of the future.

> +BitWasp - Free Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace Software  Continues to progress. Posts significant updates.

Link: http://bitwasp.tk/index.php/topic,56.0.html

Disclosure: Yep, that is Bitcoin G+ Community co-owner +Cameron Ruggles backed project.

> Bitcoratio.com is a scam. Beware. It has been added to the Bitcoin Community Alert section.

Link: PSA- bitcoratio is a scam. Remember the name – Bitcoin

> CryptoLocker is the name of a so-so new Ransomware that encrypts your PC files and then demands payment to not lose the encrypt key and give it to you instead. With one of the payment options being Bitcoin. There is an easy way to defeat it without paying in case you get infected: Having an Offline Backup in a External HDD or a Not-Synced Cloud Storage Backup. You should also back up your machine every week. The easy way it do a mirror image of your PC and back that up. An entry about CryptoLocker was also added to the Bitcoin Community Alert section.

Link: You’re infected—if you want to see your data again, pay us $300 in Bitcoins

> BTCchina lead the surge in the Bitcoin Exchange Price and it also stood head to head at the top with Bitstamp and Mt.Gox in Volume for most of the week.

> CryptoCables realized their dream of a Bitcoin Neon-Sign and showed the first batch of them. They are very cool.


Link: Bitcoin Neon Sign Transition

> +CoinDesk  posted about the navigation of the law for those Bitcoin Startups based in Canada

Link:  All you need to know about federal bitcoin law in Canada - CoinDesk

> Elektra Kute, A.K.A DJ Miss Mix released a Bitcoin Themed Song. She will be performing in selected Bitcoin Conferences she gets to assist. Give it a listen:

Link:  I love Bitcoin Baby

> +Gavin Andresen  Posted a Core Dev Update over at The Bitcoin Foundation Blog.  Always worthy reads.

Link: Core Development Update #5

> +Matt Corallo  released a Chrome Extension that makes use of Coinbase´s API and the fact their Micro-Transactions are Fee-Free. To make it even easier to Bitcoin Tip for Reddit Users. Because they need to have 2 ways to do it, apparently.

Link: BitTip

I wish it worked in the G+ Community. But am looking into something like that

> For those using Firefox. There is at least now a Extension that makes it easier to lock up Bitcoin Addresses in Blockchain.info

Link: Blockchain

> BTCchina Had a big and great week. But with that rise in popularity also came the DDOS attacks. Fortunately they were ready

Link: worlds-3rd-largest-chinese-bitcoin.html

> IBM´s Richard Brown talked about the potential of Bitcoin in a video. Leaving me to think that it is because, like with Ericcson. They must be looking at Copying Bitcoin vision and tech.

Link: http://www.finextra.com/Video/Video.aspx?videoid=513

> Software Firm Switchless acquired BitX Exchange and with that to potentially become the biggest Bitcoin focused startup in Africa. Other African Startup hopeful being Kipochi.

Link:  Software firm buys Africa's largest bitcoin exchange - CoinDesk

> Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil biggest Bitcoin exchange released their API´s

Link: https://plus.google.com/101835433272879715504/posts/BN8x3Xhjt6A

> Latino America first Bitcoin Conference to happen in Argentina.  This December.

Link: laBITconf 2013 - First Latin American Bitcoin Conference

> Website called Lucky-Circle appears to be a scam

Post about it added to the BCA section.

Link: Today I learned the value of common sense (the hard way) – Bitcoin

> FBI got ahold to most of Silk Road, Russ Ulbricht, A.K.A Dread Pirate Roberts Bitcoin Wallets. Seizing 144K Bitcoins worth $28 million on the day of seizing. The official stance is that they got it via Forensic Data Analysis.

Link: FBI Says It's Seized $28.5 Million In Bitcoins From Ross Ulbricht, Alleged Owner Of Silk Road

> With the FBI recent seizing of DPR´s Bitcoin wallets for 144K Bitcoins + the 26K they had. The USA Government passed from being in the Top 500 Bitcoin holders to the Top 50. Some even argue that it would put them in the Top 20. But that is not a sure thing. But the Top 50 is an almost certainty.

> Norwegian Guy discovered that he had bought 5000 Bitcoin for pretty much $30 USD in 2009. Realized in April of 2013 that he had $800k+ USD. Proceeded to buy an apartment, save the rest and ruin the day of Bitcoineers around the world as news reports about it start to go around. Including mine I will admit... 

Link: Bitcoin Super Early Adopter Hits The Jackpot As He Finds His Old Bitcoin Wallet

> Ron Paul mentioned Bitcoin positive briefly in a Stossel. Generates a flood of posts all around the internet raving about it. Yeah, if it didn´t included the Bitcoin factor. That would not be news at all.

> Bitcoin Singapore Conference is on for November 15, 2013

Link: www.bitcoinsingapore2013.com

> THE Bitcoin G+ Community. The very one that might as well could be called Bitcoin+ by now reached 3000 registered members.

Link: 3000!

> Bitcoin Reached the Top 10 Trending Searches in Yahoo for the first time


Link: Oct 27, 2013, 4-17-09 PM

> Bitcoin Mini-Craze In China generated a renewed Bitcoin News Cycle in CCTV. Where among other things international Bitcoin News were covered and even local ones like that a Real State development in Shanghai was accepting Bitcoin. Or a report about BTCchina being one of the top Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

> Bitcoin Difficulty had a big jump in difficulty. One of the highest ever. Making it so that Standalone Low-Level ASIC hardware is now officially unprofitable even with access to free power.

> BIPS announced that they are integrating with Shopify to soon bring their Bitcoin Payment Solution to the 70,000 Merchants using Shopify.

> According to reputable hearsay posted in a very aloof article on USA Today. Barack Obama asked Eric Schmidt about Bitcoin. Article never answers what Eric S said or reads in any way coherently for that matter. Not with a clear point to hit at least in my opinion.

Link:  Wolff- How CEOs are clueless about technology

> There was a Bitcoin Presentations Set at the Stockholm School Of Economics event called SSE Insights.

Watch live streaming video from sseresearch at livestream.com


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22 October 2013

Bitcoin News Summary For The Third Week Of October 2013 (14-20)

News Summary

First a Post Series in THE G+ Bitcoin Community. Now also here in Appatic in a extended version. This is the Bitcoin Weekly News Summary (BWNS). The very best way to quickly inform you of what events of relevance happened related to Bitcoin in the span of a week, in just minutes.

The Feel Of The Week

First there was a bad storm week, then what seemed like a calm weather last week, then this week, which you could call a good storm week. With lots of cheers raining in.

The Highlights:

> USD Exchange Value per Bitcoin  started this week at 135 after a clear upward trajectory was set. Upward trajectory that didn´t disappointed as Bitcoin Exchange price started to go to up, up and up. First at 140, then 150, then 175, then 170 with many more ups and downs in-between and leaving the week at 175. Still in a upwards trajectory.

> BitcoinTalk continues to generate Talk of its own  With many BitcoinTalk users asking themselves now what I was asking last week. It is still the best place to hang out?  I say nay. But I do get there are not many options, if any that can replace everything that happens there.

> A rumor of KncMiner hardware going up in flames started to go around last week. I have to report that all points to it been an isolated incident.

> Baidu starts accepting Bitcoin for Jaisule. Which can be seen as a Cloudflare competitor.  Bitcoin News and beyond went wild with it.

Link: Chinese internet giant Baidu starts accepting bitcoin – CoinDesk

> Reddit´s Co-Founder Alex Ohanian says he is cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin.  Bitcoin Scene said: um, ok. Noted.

Link: Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian- 'I'm cautiously optimistic about Bitcoin' – GeekWire

> The North American Securities Administrators Association (NASAA) includes Bitcoin in the Annual Top Investor Threats List. Bitcoin Scene said: Cool Story, Bros.

Link: The NASAA Includes Bitcoin in Annual Top Investor Threat List - Forex Minute - Financial News St

> The +Bitcoin Embassy had their third meetup and their first Satoshi Square on Oct 19. There were presentations and workshops and hopefully balloons too.

Link: Oct 16, 2013, 8-51-25 AM

> Zhou Tonged returned with a new Remix Hit

Link: Zhou Tonged - End of Silk Road

> Life On Bitcoin released a Merchant Targeted Bitcoin Pamphlet. It is well done.

Flyer inside

Download Link: Bitcoin Flyer for Merchants.

> Bitcoin Tipbox Gadget video appears on YouTube. Looking not only neat but like a great idea. Someone should start selling them.

Bitcoin TipBox Gadget

> Moneero to bring up a Bitcoin ATM to Uruguay

Link: Bitcoin ATM Landing In Uruguay PRLog

> MSN UK does a news report doing a demo of the NFC ring and using it to pay with Bitcoin and also a look to the NFC Ring Windows Phone App

> BTC-e suffered a DDOS Attack. Barely news at this point, sadly.

> eGifter starts selling Wallmart Gift Cards. At first look it didn´t seemed as that big of a deal. But they can be used for everything WallyWorld. Including Sam´s Club and WallMart Gas Cards. Personally was surprised to know that Walmart now owns Gas Stations too. But it really a big deal for U.S.A Bitcoineers.

Link: Oct 16, 2013, 9-18-28 PM (edited Oct 17, 2013, 1-09-54 AM)

> eGifter gets called out for storing passwords in plain text, quickly acted on it. eGifter proved they can quickly eat some humble pie and they resolved the situation pretty quickly pulling an all-nighter the day they realized of the goof. Slow claps to them.

Link: An Update From eGifter Regarding How We Store Passwords

> Gyft starts selling paid minutes and data gift cards for the main U.S.A carriers. That includes AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile. Also a very big deal for U.S.A Bitcoineers.

Link: Spend Bitcoin On Airtime With Gyft

> PagaBitcoin.com debuts to let you pay for Smartphone credit, that can be used for AirTime And Data Usage in Mexico. At first I was envious of Gyft paid minutes and data gift cards. But then I saw this site based in Mexico City allows you to do the same online. Yay.

> Techcrunch published a very good post on Bitcoin Mining. Easily one of the best reads of the week.

Link:  Blockchain Smashers

> Austin, Texas meetup took place on the 19 of the month

Link: Oct 17, 2013, 11-23-14 AM

> Bitcoin Meetups in NYC appear to be taking place on an almost weekly basis courtesy of+Xcubicle S. Check them out if you are in NYC.


> China Banking Regulatory Commission released a statement saying they were not planning on introducing regulatory policies for Bitcoin. Not right now is what that ultimately translates to. Who knows in the future. But at least for the upcoming 3-6 months, the coast looks clear in China.

Link: CBRC statement

> Robertson Robots started accepting Bitcoin for the purchase of their Solar Panels

Link: Bitcoin Gets New Taker as the Sunflower Solar Panel Positioning System Installer Robertson Robot

> SoftTouch POS  integrated a Bitcoin option to their Payment Processing System

Link:  SoftTouch POS Integrates Bitcoin Virtual Currency Payment Processing

> Bitcoin Network Hit the 3 Petahashes mark. Thanks to KnCMiner new shiny miner hardware continuing to go online as it gets delivered. This just one week after passing the 2 Petahashes mark.

> BTCchina passed the 1000 CNY mark per Bitcoin for the first time. Fueled by a news coverage boost in Chinese TV from the news of Baidu accepting it and the CBRC statement* Bitcoin Matkets around the world responded and the price started to shoot up. Finalizing with Bitcoin being exchanged for up to $200 USD in some LocalBitcoins listings for a brief moment.

> BIPS announced that they have made integration with BigCommerce possible and that soon the 40,000 Merchants using the BigCommerce solution would be able to use BIPS and add an option to pay with Bitcoin. Really Big news for EU based Bitcoineers.

Link: BIPS to offer 40,000 Merchants using BigCommerce the option to accept Bitcoin
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07 October 2013

FileTypesMan: Fix Corrupted Or Assign Missing Windows File Types Associations

NirSoft Logo

Up to now. I still do keep 3 instances of Windows XP around. 1 it is in an ancient top of the line 2000 Compaq DeskPro that just cannot die. Another I have it in a MSI U100 Netbook. And I also have one in Windows 7 via XP Mode in an Asus 2015. I keep them around because there is really no other way to best test how compatible and nimble a Windows Desktop App truly is. No matter if old or new.

Strangely I also keep getting more questions about Windows XP apps than anything else. Which is kind of weird given XP will be an officially unsupported OS in just 6 months. But if you ask about XP, I will keep delivering you XP focused stuff. One common problem in Windows XP is File Types Associations breaking, getting corrupted or just not getting assigned. This is more common when you are a fan of Portable Apps and Retro Software like I am. While this is a rare occurrence in Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you want to fix it easily or assign a file type. The best app for the job is still the same one. The one I am posting about here.

FilesTypesMan Screenshot Windowx XP SP3

FileTypesMan from NirSoft is a Windows File Types Manager Alternative that will let you fix or assign File Types Associations.  Great to have if you insist on using Windows XP on a daily basis. Good to keep around just in case even if you are in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Specially if you are a fan of Portable Apps, Retro Apps or you like to load up as many of your desktop apps as you can  never from the C drive. Be they be installed or not.

FileTypesMan also got other reasons for you to just have the app. Its data weight might as well be nothing.  It is only 59KB. It is a self-contained portable exe and it is an Universal Windows Desktop App. It works on all supported versions of Windows and it is available in both 32 and 64 bits versions. Making it a very recommended windows utility to have.


FileTypesMan Info

FileTypesMan 32bits   

FileTypesMan 64bits   



01 October 2013

PolarFox 1.0.3: An Easier Way To Photo Blog And Share Your Images In One Go

Polarfox logo icon

PolarFox is in every way what I would qualify as a Neo-Retro Desktop App. It serves a specialized function that now is for a small minority. But it does so by emulating the modern way of doing it via the integration of a Mobile OS and a stock mobile app but still as a desktop app.  All while sporting this minimalistic but modern design.

Polarfox App Screenshot

PolarFox 1.0.3 in brief is an Adobe  AIR based Photo Blogging Desktop App you can use to share photos to multiple social messaging networks and photo hosting providers in one go. And it is very good for it.

^ Load Up Photo

You start by loading up a photo into the app by clicking the ¨^¨ symbol and after you do, you can do some minor editing and you can also apply some filters to it if you want. This last part, the filters being pretty much the only thing in the app I found completely useless. This because, the ¨filters¨ are more like flare filters. So bad only J.J Abrams would like them and would dare to use them.


That is not to say the editing controls and options are not also mediocre and just downright superfluous. They are. But compared to the flaring filters they are forgivable. Because of that I recommend you to not use the editing in PolarFox at all and instead always go directly on to share your photo. Once you have set up the accounts you want the photo be able to upload to of course.

Sharing Editor


Once you are in the share section of the app, the bad taste of the photo editor vanishes almost immediately.  This, because you realize it is very well done once you have everything set up. It is simple and easy to use.  With the first things to notice being that you are of course allowed to choose a title and write a blurb for each photo. You can also even tag your photos by adding a # before your desired tag word . The two first things best suited only for when your are sharing to Blogger and Flickr. But that don`t get in the way of you sharing to every target supported because things are filtered out for you accordingly.


Once you have shared the Photo along with a post or not. You can also save the photo in multiple sizes in case you had edited it or you just would like to resize the photo . It is a nice feature you don`t see often out of Flickr and I am glad it is there within the app.


The settings are truly great. They are so well done it is surprising. They are focused and clear as they should. But also thoughtful.  They are divided in 3 sections: Upload Email Settings,  Language Settings and Background Settings. 


In the Upload Email Settings you just write in the email posting address for each service and save. Once you save an approving mark will show to let you know that service is indeed set up. No thrills no frills. Simple and right.


Then there is the Language Settings. The actual reason why I called the settings thoughtful. As it will display you what language and what text order the app is set up for and because it does ensure that there are no snags if you are posting in a right to left and non latin based language.


At last you have the cake frosting for the app that is the background settings. Letting you choose from 10 different backgrounds. With the only problem about it being you end wishing there were either a lot more backgrounds to choose or that the app would let you select and set whatever image you wanted as background.

* Extras


As well done the core function and the settings of Polarfox are. I am quite impressed with the extras section. It has everything you would want every current desktop app to have with the exception of a in-app feedback form. About lays you out everything about who and where the app is made.  In this case being Andre Weier from Germany. how to contact, a way to manually update the app. who sponsors the app, Tips & FAQ in case you need info how to use the app and even a way to support the developer and share  that you used the app to every place possible. While it may seem weird I am highlighting all of this little things as noteworthy. I do so because they are. I see tons and tons of desktop apps. Most never have their settings and about sections well done. Much less as well done.


Polarfox 1.0.3 is a very good Photo Blogging app on almost every measure. I liked it a lot from the way it works to the striking and distinctive minimal design it sports. I tested it with all my dummy accounts. It worked great for me and I think it is worthwhile.

The only real criticism I must give it is that the Photo editor is unfortunately mediocre and the filtering is horrible.  But fortunately that is not consequential to using the app at all and it is just an update away for it to be fixed. It still can be enjoyed very much so as it is. Two nit pick i would also add is that I wish it would had an in-app feedback form on the extras section and that it would either had more backgrounds or would let you choose your own background photo.

Normally I would had skipped writing about it because of the glaring fault in it. But I reached out to the developer and he promised to update the app soon. So, I decided to post the review of this version as it is and look forward to do a revised one with the all the bad done away.

Polarfox 1.0.3 supports Windows from XP to 8 and also OS X and Linux. Photos can be shared to Flickr (with support for Title, blurb and tags), Facebook, Evernote, Blogger (Post with Photo), Picasa (with description), Box and TwitPic.



PolarFox 1.0.3     <—Direct Download Link




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