29 October 2013

Bitcoin News Summary For The Fourth Week Of October 2013 (21-27)


The Feel Of The Week

What a week it was. The only way I could describe it is like a Rollacoaster that somehow accelerated only when going up and slowed when going down

The Highlights:

> USD Exchange Average Value per Bitcoin started this week at 175 after a lift off that inspired many to shout "TO THE MOON". And just like a rocket it went up very very fast. First at 180, then 190, then finally to 200, breaking that mark for the second time ever. And then finally all the way up to 210 for a very brief but exciting moment for some. Then it took a dive all the way down to 180 and it pretty much stood there. Still, the week ended with the BAEP at the very Highest for a week period EVER. Breaking away from what happened in April.


> +Bitcoinfilm Released their newest Documentary Short
This time about Bitcoin being one good option for Organic Farmers in Argentina.


> According to a report, it appears that the new guy running MasterCard hates Bitcoin. And likes to tell people about it.

Link: Mastercard Hates Bitcoins

> AdultWay.com decides to adopt Bitcoin. Because Bitcoin progress in good old fashioned internet porn has room to progress. Surely they are in the way of the future.

> +BitWasp - Free Open Source Bitcoin Marketplace Software  Continues to progress. Posts significant updates.

Link: http://bitwasp.tk/index.php/topic,56.0.html

Disclosure: Yep, that is Bitcoin G+ Community co-owner +Cameron Ruggles backed project.

> Bitcoratio.com is a scam. Beware. It has been added to the Bitcoin Community Alert section.

Link: PSA- bitcoratio is a scam. Remember the name – Bitcoin

> CryptoLocker is the name of a so-so new Ransomware that encrypts your PC files and then demands payment to not lose the encrypt key and give it to you instead. With one of the payment options being Bitcoin. There is an easy way to defeat it without paying in case you get infected: Having an Offline Backup in a External HDD or a Not-Synced Cloud Storage Backup. You should also back up your machine every week. The easy way it do a mirror image of your PC and back that up. An entry about CryptoLocker was also added to the Bitcoin Community Alert section.

Link: You’re infected—if you want to see your data again, pay us $300 in Bitcoins

> BTCchina lead the surge in the Bitcoin Exchange Price and it also stood head to head at the top with Bitstamp and Mt.Gox in Volume for most of the week.

> CryptoCables realized their dream of a Bitcoin Neon-Sign and showed the first batch of them. They are very cool.


Link: Bitcoin Neon Sign Transition

> +CoinDesk  posted about the navigation of the law for those Bitcoin Startups based in Canada

Link:  All you need to know about federal bitcoin law in Canada - CoinDesk

> Elektra Kute, A.K.A DJ Miss Mix released a Bitcoin Themed Song. She will be performing in selected Bitcoin Conferences she gets to assist. Give it a listen:

Link:  I love Bitcoin Baby

> +Gavin Andresen  Posted a Core Dev Update over at The Bitcoin Foundation Blog.  Always worthy reads.

Link: Core Development Update #5

> +Matt Corallo  released a Chrome Extension that makes use of Coinbase´s API and the fact their Micro-Transactions are Fee-Free. To make it even easier to Bitcoin Tip for Reddit Users. Because they need to have 2 ways to do it, apparently.

Link: BitTip

I wish it worked in the G+ Community. But am looking into something like that

> For those using Firefox. There is at least now a Extension that makes it easier to lock up Bitcoin Addresses in Blockchain.info

Link: Blockchain

> BTCchina Had a big and great week. But with that rise in popularity also came the DDOS attacks. Fortunately they were ready

Link: worlds-3rd-largest-chinese-bitcoin.html

> IBM´s Richard Brown talked about the potential of Bitcoin in a video. Leaving me to think that it is because, like with Ericcson. They must be looking at Copying Bitcoin vision and tech.

Link: http://www.finextra.com/Video/Video.aspx?videoid=513

> Software Firm Switchless acquired BitX Exchange and with that to potentially become the biggest Bitcoin focused startup in Africa. Other African Startup hopeful being Kipochi.

Link:  Software firm buys Africa's largest bitcoin exchange - CoinDesk

> Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil biggest Bitcoin exchange released their API´s

Link: https://plus.google.com/101835433272879715504/posts/BN8x3Xhjt6A

> Latino America first Bitcoin Conference to happen in Argentina.  This December.

Link: laBITconf 2013 - First Latin American Bitcoin Conference

> Website called Lucky-Circle appears to be a scam

Post about it added to the BCA section.

Link: Today I learned the value of common sense (the hard way) – Bitcoin

> FBI got ahold to most of Silk Road, Russ Ulbricht, A.K.A Dread Pirate Roberts Bitcoin Wallets. Seizing 144K Bitcoins worth $28 million on the day of seizing. The official stance is that they got it via Forensic Data Analysis.

Link: FBI Says It's Seized $28.5 Million In Bitcoins From Ross Ulbricht, Alleged Owner Of Silk Road

> With the FBI recent seizing of DPR´s Bitcoin wallets for 144K Bitcoins + the 26K they had. The USA Government passed from being in the Top 500 Bitcoin holders to the Top 50. Some even argue that it would put them in the Top 20. But that is not a sure thing. But the Top 50 is an almost certainty.

> Norwegian Guy discovered that he had bought 5000 Bitcoin for pretty much $30 USD in 2009. Realized in April of 2013 that he had $800k+ USD. Proceeded to buy an apartment, save the rest and ruin the day of Bitcoineers around the world as news reports about it start to go around. Including mine I will admit... 

Link: Bitcoin Super Early Adopter Hits The Jackpot As He Finds His Old Bitcoin Wallet

> Ron Paul mentioned Bitcoin positive briefly in a Stossel. Generates a flood of posts all around the internet raving about it. Yeah, if it didn´t included the Bitcoin factor. That would not be news at all.

> Bitcoin Singapore Conference is on for November 15, 2013

Link: www.bitcoinsingapore2013.com

> THE Bitcoin G+ Community. The very one that might as well could be called Bitcoin+ by now reached 3000 registered members.

Link: 3000!

> Bitcoin Reached the Top 10 Trending Searches in Yahoo for the first time


Link: Oct 27, 2013, 4-17-09 PM

> Bitcoin Mini-Craze In China generated a renewed Bitcoin News Cycle in CCTV. Where among other things international Bitcoin News were covered and even local ones like that a Real State development in Shanghai was accepting Bitcoin. Or a report about BTCchina being one of the top Bitcoin exchanges in the world.

> Bitcoin Difficulty had a big jump in difficulty. One of the highest ever. Making it so that Standalone Low-Level ASIC hardware is now officially unprofitable even with access to free power.

> BIPS announced that they are integrating with Shopify to soon bring their Bitcoin Payment Solution to the 70,000 Merchants using Shopify.

> According to reputable hearsay posted in a very aloof article on USA Today. Barack Obama asked Eric Schmidt about Bitcoin. Article never answers what Eric S said or reads in any way coherently for that matter. Not with a clear point to hit at least in my opinion.

Link:  Wolff- How CEOs are clueless about technology

> There was a Bitcoin Presentations Set at the Stockholm School Of Economics event called SSE Insights.

Watch live streaming video from sseresearch at livestream.com


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