07 October 2013

FileTypesMan: Fix Corrupted Or Assign Missing Windows File Types Associations

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Up to now. I still do keep 3 instances of Windows XP around. 1 it is in an ancient top of the line 2000 Compaq DeskPro that just cannot die. Another I have it in a MSI U100 Netbook. And I also have one in Windows 7 via XP Mode in an Asus 2015. I keep them around because there is really no other way to best test how compatible and nimble a Windows Desktop App truly is. No matter if old or new.

Strangely I also keep getting more questions about Windows XP apps than anything else. Which is kind of weird given XP will be an officially unsupported OS in just 6 months. But if you ask about XP, I will keep delivering you XP focused stuff. One common problem in Windows XP is File Types Associations breaking, getting corrupted or just not getting assigned. This is more common when you are a fan of Portable Apps and Retro Software like I am. While this is a rare occurrence in Windows 7 or Windows 8. If you want to fix it easily or assign a file type. The best app for the job is still the same one. The one I am posting about here.

FilesTypesMan Screenshot Windowx XP SP3

FileTypesMan from NirSoft is a Windows File Types Manager Alternative that will let you fix or assign File Types Associations.  Great to have if you insist on using Windows XP on a daily basis. Good to keep around just in case even if you are in Windows 7 or Windows 8. Specially if you are a fan of Portable Apps, Retro Apps or you like to load up as many of your desktop apps as you can  never from the C drive. Be they be installed or not.

FileTypesMan also got other reasons for you to just have the app. Its data weight might as well be nothing.  It is only 59KB. It is a self-contained portable exe and it is an Universal Windows Desktop App. It works on all supported versions of Windows and it is available in both 32 and 64 bits versions. Making it a very recommended windows utility to have.


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