31 January 2014

Hulu Desktop Is Now Abandonware

Hulu Logo 

Starting February 1st of 2014, The venerable and well designed Hulu Desktop App will stop being supported. Which means that passing that day it will only work until a future Hulu Backend Update breaks it. Whether that happens in one week, one month or one year from now is unknown.


This news is something that comes to you now every time you launch the desktop app.


A real shame to see Hulu Desktop to go away as I still think it is the easiest way to quickly browse into the Hulu Catalog and manage your subscriptions and queue. But the writing on the wall for its soon demise started many months ago when the option to download it vanished and was clear to me when I noticed they were pushing to discourage its use by changing the Ad Ratio in the Ad breaks around 3 months ago. As it suddenly went from 2-3 ads to 5 ads. Yes, even if you have Hulu Plus. Something that only happened and will still only happen in Hulu Desktop for those using it to the very end.  Which arguably will only be those still with Old PC’s on Windows XP and Windows Vista or those that used it bridged-in with Windows Media Center. 

If it was your case you may already know this. If you use Hulu but never even knew Hulu Desktop existed, well now you know. Just in time to wave it away.

For those also wondering why Hulu just don’t keeps supporting it if they have being showing more ads on it. Arguably making more money of it. The reason is that it don’t allows for the Interactive Ad Experience and their Smarter Ad Tracking.  Stuff they can do on the Website or partly compensate for in their Hulu Plus apps for Windows Phone, Windows Metro, Xbox and elsewhere. They could update it to allow for that, But I guess that would not promote Hulu Plus enough. I think that is understandable. I just wish the Windows Metro App for Hulu Plus would offer better ways to add stuff to your queue, manage your subscriptions, browse the catalog and handle stream quality settings. Maybe now that they are leaving Hulu Desktop out in the woods to die they will get to do that. Lets hope.


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27 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 20 To The 26 Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

The Feel Of The Week

Excitement from the news of big players entering into Bitcoin is now the expected. The week summarized in this edition was full of it.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at a $850 and went on tumbling during the week until it fell to a $798 low on January 24. That sparked it up across the rest of week as it ended on a high of $884.


> Finland Central Bank declared that they consider Bitcoin a Commodity. Because “it fails” their currency test. Whatever that may be is not completely clear.

LINK:  Bitcoin fails ‘cash test’ and is considered a commodity in Finland

> University Of Cumbria, in the U.K started accepting Bitcoin as payment for courses.

LINK: http://gigaom.com/2014/01/21/british-university-accepts-course-fees-in-bitcoin/

> CBC-KW sent some Bitcoin over the airwaves on their Morning Edition. They used an app called Chirp.io to do it. I think it was one of the very best uses for that App. Imagine being able to do Sponsored Bitcoin Grabs on TV or Radio in this case without having to deal with attending phones, receiving e-mails, etc.

SOURCE: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener-waterloo/cbc-kw-sends-bitcoin-over-the-airwaves-1.2503580

> Reddit’s Dogecoin SubReddit Community Raised $30,000 In Dogecoin For The Jamaican Bobsled Team, That Then Was Traded Up For Bitcoin In Order To Cashout. But with it they achieved the coolest feel good story of the week.  I mean, Who don’t liked the movie Cool Runnings?

LINK: http://trendblog.net/reddit-community-helps-jamaican-bobsled-team-raise-30000-dogecoin/

> Coinkite rolled out updates to their service providing support for more currencies and exchange reference options.

SOURCE: http://blog.coinkite.com/post/74063369700/more-currencies-more-exchange-reference-options

> OKPAY resumed allowing the use of their service to transfer money in GBP into Bitcoin Exchanges.


LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/okpay-gbp-bitcoin-transactions/

> Marc Andreessen, Known for being the Co-creator of Mosaic Browser, Founder of Netscape and head of the VC firm Andreessen-Horowitz wrote a thoughtful post on the New York Times on why Bitcoin matters. Easily the Bitcoin related Must-Read of the week. Apart from BWNS of course.

SOURCE: Why Bitcoin Matters

> The Golden Gate Casino and The D Las Vegas started accepting Bitcoin via +Bitpay.  Important news considering how relevant Bitcoin has been for Gambling. Even if what is notorious about this news is that given some regulatory fears in the USA. They are only accepting Bitcoin for the hotel, gift shop and restaurant part of both venues and not the gambling floors.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/las-vegas-casinos-bitcoin-gambling/

> Google Let It Be Known – be it on purpose or not— that they are looking into Bitcoin, specially in regards to Google Wallet in an E-mail Exchange Trail.  Without even thinking much about it, I even got involved in this Bitcoin News Story in a minor role as Jarar Malik, author of the e-mails appeared over at Google+ in a post I made about this news as reported by Forbes saying that I believed that the e-mails were legit. Something prompted because skepticism raised by the Bitcoin SubReddit and a lazy news report from The Next Web on if the E-mails that originated the story were real or not because Google released statements were they worded out of it without denying or affirming anything.

E-mails that I can assure that are real. Simply because I saw them myself via a video screenshare stream that I also recorded. And also because if they were not real, Google would had stated them directly as false.  Later on, providing even more certainty on this story. A Google executive raised the questions of what would be a good way to integrate Bitcoin on Google.


1.- Google confirms their payments team is working to incorporate bitcoin (Reddit)

2.- Google Lets Slip That It's Exploring Possible Bitcoin Integration Plans (Forbes)

3.- Jan 22, 2014, 11-27-19 PM (My G+ post as I confirmed the E-mails were legit)

> Kyle Drake took his CoinPunk Bitcoin Wallet project to IndieGoGo in order to take to new heights by refining it for everyday use for everyone to use. As the IndieGoGo campaign is centered around a hosted implementation that can be used in any of the Top 3 Smartphone OSes without any fear or restrictions.

SOURCE: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-make-the-most-free-and-versatile-bitcoin-wallet-ever

> Microsoft Took Down The Bitcoin Mining Botnet Known As Sefnit. And they did so simply by crafting special updated malware definitions for Microsoft Secure Essentials, Windows Defender Basic (WXP+), Windows Defender  Standard (W8+) and Microsoft Security Scanner (WXP+) so they could detect and sanitize computers of Sefnit.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/microsoft-destroys-bitcoin-mining-botnet-sefnit/

> Russia’s Sberbank CEO, over at Davos stated he is supportive of Bitcoin and that he would like Russia to not fight it but embrace it.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/sberbank-ceo-supports-bitcoin-and-urges-russia-to-stop-fighting-it/

> Bitangels, an international startup incubator focused on Bitcoin stated they had invested $7M USD in 12 different Bitcoin Startups in 2013.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/bitangels-invest-7m-bitcoin-startups-2013/

> A Maimi Yacht Rental Company Started Accepting Bitcoin. Makes a good match with now being able to rent a private jet with Bitcoin as of this month.

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/yacht-rental-service-in-miami-beach-accepts-cryptocurrency/

> You can now get inspired to lose some weight, win some Bitcoin and give to charity all at the same time. +Pua Pyland A.K.A TheBitcoinWife is spearheading the Bitcoin WeightLoss Challenge. Now fully underway 

It could not be more of a Win-Win-Win deal. So check it out.

SOURCE: Lose Weight. Win Bitcoin. Give to Charity

> TigerDirect Started Accepting Bitcoin. And they didn’t just started accepting it. They embraced it by released special pages for it in their site, promoting their in their Social Media accounts and even purchasing the top ad for whenever someone searches for Bitcoin on Google in the USA.




> Bitcoin North American Conference, otherwise known simply as BTC-Miami Conference took place on January 25-26 and it apparently was a mixed bag. Some said it was very good and full of good vibe, some say it was just a bit plain and not well organized. Who knows. I guess it could at least stand that it was a “More Than OK” event.

>  Naughty America started to accept Bitcoin. Following Porn.com lead. Naughty America is accepting Bitcoin for 1 month or 1 year subscriptions as long as you are ok paying 15% more than with their previously supported payment methods.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/naughty-america-bitcoin-acceptance/

> CoinSeed, A Las Vegas based Bitcoin Investment Fund announced they had purchased $5M USD worth of Bitfury 55nm Bitcoin Mining Hardware. Somewhat of a controversial news as that is a hell of a lot of hash power and if put online in one go it will cause a Bitcoin Network hashrate difficulty take off like maybe never seen yet. CoinSeed says that they are thinking long term and that they are doing it not just to get as many Bitcoins they can and then drop the Bitcoin Mining Hardware but run it efficiently so they effective get to be a mainstay Bitcoin Transaction Processor years from now.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/coinseed-5m-investment-bitfury-mining/

> Wikileaks announced that most of their public funds now come from Bitcoin and Litecoin Donations.


> Fancy.com, The Social e-Commerce Site started accepting Bitcoin. You can think of Fancy as Pinterest Meets Dribbble Meets Shopping. No, seriously. That is a thing. They also have apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS and they are quite a big deal apparently.



> 6 People have paid for their Virgin Atlantic Space Flight Tickets with Bitcoin so far. Said so by Richard Branson himself.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/richard-branson-6-bitcoin-customers-confirmed-virgin-galactic-space-filght/

> The State Of Washington in the USA included Digital Currency in their definition of Money.  As it is their right under the State Uniform Money Services Act (UMSA).

LINK: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/washington-digital-currencies-money/

> KryptoKit, The Chrome Extension Bitcoin Wallet partnered with +Bitpay to enable Two-Clicks Bitcoin Transacting.  Reducing the friction of using Bitcoin while browsing to the lowest possible.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/kryptokit-partners-bitpay-two-click-shopping/

> App.Net, the Social Platform As A Service, always mischaracterized as a Twitter Alternative pondered the question if they should accept Bitcoin by launching a 30 days crowdfunding campaign with the goal of raising 10 Bitcoins in order to integrate Bitcoin Payments for good. And a secondary goal of 40 Bitcoins in order to integrate Bitcoin Payments from the to Developers for their Developer Rewards Program. My answer is yes. And I will be supporting this by following the story in G+ and here since I will be posting more on App.Net in Appatic and also by paying for an premium account myself. Maybe will also gift one away here in Appatic too. Stay tuned.


SOURCE: https://bitcoin.app.net/

The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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21 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 13 To The 19 Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

It was quite a week. Not as insane as the past two. But it still was pretty hectic. There were still some pretty cool news and many developments. If you somehow felt it was not a hectic week, then read on because it really was.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at a $875 high and then went for a roller-coaster ride down and the up with 3  peaks of $362, $364 and $363. Eventually it ended the week down respective to last week at $838. There is no telling if it will rally up. But it looks like the BAEP is on a stabilization phase. As fluctuation this week didn’t exceeded a 10%. That in the end is good progress.


> The first Argentinian Bitcoin Exchange, Unisend launched.

LINK: www.unisend.com

> The Hindu News Sites stated the obvious and says Bitcoins per se are not illegal in India.

SOURCE: Bitcoins per se are not illegal in India- Nishith Desai

> People’s Bank Of China Assures It Doesn’t Intend To “Supress or Discriminate against Bitcoin”. Well, good news. But talk about mixed signaling over in China.

SOURCE: People’s Bank of China assures it doesn’t intend to “suppress or discriminate against Bitcoin”

> +Bitpay launched their Bitcoin Payroll API. For registered Bitpay Merchants that have employees that want to be pay in Bitcoin or run on Bitcoin.

SOURCE: https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-payroll-api 

> The French Senate held their hearings on Bitcoin. And here you have the actual video of that hearing.



LINK:  French Senate Holds Hearings on Bitcoin

> Chicago Sun-Times announced plans for a Paywall Test that asks for Tweets or Bitcoin Donations. It will be powered by Bitwall.

LINK: http://www.thedomains.com/2014/01/14/chicago-sun-times-to-test-bitcoin-and-twitter-paywall-with-startup-bitwall/ 

> Casascius Coins Reopened.

SOURCE: Bitcoin Mint Reopens After Nastygram From Feds Wired Enterprise Wired.com

> Sacramento Kings Started Accepting Bitcoin. +Bitpay is the payment processor.

LINK: Sacramento Kings Fans Can Now Buy Tickets And Merchandise With Bitcoin Via BitPay TechCrunch

> Lawyer for Winkelvoss Twins’ Bitcoin ETF Said SEC Review Going Smoothly.


> eBay UK will allow sale of Bitcoin in Classifieds. Expect prices on ebay to be higher than even LocalBitcoins though.

SOURCE: eBay UK allows sale of cryptocurrencies within its Classifieds section starting Feb

> GoGreenSolar.com Completes World's First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin. For a true tech life circle it would be cool if they were powering Bitcoin miners paid with Bitcoin. and it could be since they were paid by Boost.vc. A venture capital firm that invest in Bitcoin Startups.

SOURCE: GoGreenSolar.com Completes World’s First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin

> Italian Amendment Could Treat Bitcoin Like Cash. Italian Parliament Member Sergio Boccadutri is the person behind it.

SOURCE: Italian Amendment Would Treat Bitcoin Like Cash

> Dutch Helicopter Firm Heliflight Started Accepting Bitcoin Payments.

SOURCE: http://www.coindesk.com/dutch-helicopter-firm-heliflight-bitcoin-payments/

> Coinbase issued a flurry of Security Updates to their site. As a Coinbase user, that made me happy.

SOURCE: Security Updates On Coinbase

> Snapcard Launched Bill-Pay, An apparently USA-Only new service to pay regular bills with Bitcoin. The first thing you can use it for is to Pay the IRS if you are in the USA.

LINK: Pay Your Taxes With Bitcoin

> Quantum Properties became the first Canadian Realtor to accept Bitcoin.


> 16 year old and Dogecoin Supporter won Blockchain.info 10 BTC prize. Damn, I did entered that….


> Belgium Central Bank And Financial Authority Issued A Bitcoin Warning. Yeah, another week, another one of these.

LINK:  http://bitcoinexaminer.org/belgiums-central-bank-and-financial-authority-issue-warning-against-bitcoin/

> Bitcoin Developer Mike Hearn and Amex VP Michael Barrett Joined Circle Team. Impressive for sure. This makes Circle the most hyped yet-to-launch Bitcoin Startup. They better be good as it is rumored they will be taking on Coinbase, Blockchain.info and possibly be offering something along the lines of Elliptic and Netagio.

SOURCE: http://www.coindesk.com/circle-advisory-board-members-burns-appointment/

> Porn.com said that a quarter of Porn.com HD Video Subscriptions are purchased with Bitcoin. This after starting accepting it around two weeks ago as covered in BWNS.

SOURCE: A Quarter of Porn.com's Videos Are Purchased with Bitcoin Nerve.com

> Canada Finance Officials said that Bitcoin is not legal tender.

LINK: Canada is keeping an eye on virtual currency, but doesn't yet recognize Bitcoin as legal tender

> Canada Became The Country With The Highest Amount Bitcoin ATM’s machines open and about to open. 

LINK: Canada turns into the country with most Bitcoin ATMs despite government’s opinion

> Bit4Coin Announced They Had Sold More Than 1000 Bitcoin Gift Cards.

SOURCE: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bit4coin-announces-news-for-2014-after-selling-more-than-1000-btc-gift-cards/

> Listentobitcoin(.)com still serving malware. Remember to only use Bitlisten.com

SOURCE: Musical Bitcoin Bubbles Serve Java Applets, Malware

>Korea's biggest Bitcoin exchange, Korbit got $400,000 from Silicon Valley investors.

LINK: Korea's biggest Bitcoin exchange gets $400,000 from Silicon Valley investors

> Butterfly Labs Put Up A Website For Their BitSafe Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. Looks pretty good I must admit. If they release it for a good price, I do can see me buying one, if I don’t have to wait months after paying it in advance of course.

SOURCE: http://www.butterflylabs.com/bitcoin-hardware-wallet

> USA Senator Tom Caper asked the Commodity Futures Trading Commision (CFTC) to clarify their position on Digital Currencies.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/us-senator-regulatory-clarification-digital-currencies/

> UK Tax Authority could reclassify Bitcoin as Private Money. If so, it would be mirroring Germany stance.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/uk-tax-authority-hmrc-reclassify-bitcoin-private-currency/

> Romanian Presidential Candidate Started Accepting Bitcoin Donations.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/romanian-presidential-candidate-accepts-bitcoin-donations/

> Indonesia Central Bank Issued Warning Against Bitcoin Use.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/indonesia-central-bank-warns-bitcoin-use/

SOURCE: http://nasional.kontan.co.id/news/bi-pemakaian-bitcoin-melanggar-undang-undang

> Backpage.com Is Apparently Accepting Bitcoin!? I have not confirmed this news. But if it is so, it would be quite news worthy. If anyone knows if it is true or false. Let me know.



> Forbes released this sort of Bitcoin Merchant Testimonials video.



The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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14 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 6 To The 12 Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

What a way to start 2014. First few days had a lot of activity. But the past week summarized here was just off the charts. Huge news, Big News for Bitcoin, all week long. All resulting in this being the very most extensive BWNS yet. All starting with the rush of the Bitcoin Average Exchange Price touching $1000 USD for the second time ever to some really huge news in the USA, big news from the UK and some medium-sized ones from Asia

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at rallying at $940 and then just started jumping and in a matter of hrs on Jan 6 it reached $1000 and for a whole of 2hrs it stood there before a cashing out train left the station and then also on the very same Jan 6 it went back down to $930.  In January 7 it got up to $960 and quickly went down all the way to $890. Jan 8 went further downward and recovered. During the rest of the week it was the same story. It was only until Jan 11 that it started to go up again over to $900 and finally left the week at $910. All pointing to an unclear trajectory.


> Taiwan blocked out the possibility for Bitcoin ATM’s being on clear legal grounds.

LINK: Taiwan Regulators Block Robocoin Bitcoin ATMs

> India, One week it was out, last week it was unclear and this week pointed to be somewhat in. As Unocoin, One of India’s biggest exchanges gets the green light. Lets just agree that it appears they over reacted.

LINK:  India Gets The Green Light

> Lily Allen tells story about the time someone offered hundreds of thousands of Bitcoins for a her to stream a gig on Second Life over 4 years ago. The Problem with this story is that she is more than likely to have confused Linden Dollars with Bitcoin. As over 4 years ago, not even Satoshi Nakamoto had Hundreds Of Thousands of Bitcoins to just give away. The news story is still amusing and may be the very first celebrity news tabloid piece of its kind tied to a Bitcoin News Story.

LINK: Lily Allen Misses Out On Bitcoin Fortune

> German Central Bank official issues yet another warning on Bitcoin. It must be catching on in Germany even better than expected then.

LINK: German Central Bank Official Issues Another Bitcoin Warning

> Alibaba’s Tabobao, The ebay of China – that is actually a lot bigger than regular ebay – came down hard on Bitcoin by Banning any kind of sale related to it. Worst news of the week for Bitcoin hands down.

LINK: Chinese E-Commerce Giant Alibaba to Ban Bitcoins on Its Sites

> Coinbase released an Android SDK for In-App Bitcoin Payments In Cooperation with Bitmonet. Those at Coinbase sure love Android. And here am waiting for them to get their act together on the W8 and WP8 side. Hopefully it will happen this year since they are no longer developing for Apple.

LINK: Android SDK Released - Accept Bitcoin Payment In Your Own Android App

> Hong Kong Treasury official issued a warning on Bitcoin. Just as a Bitcoin ATM is making its way in.

Link: Hong Kong Treasury Official Issues Bitcoin Warning

> An Open Bitcoin ATM Project appears with a video demo promising a potentially very low cost.


> Over At The G+ Bitcoin Community. +Dave Lalande started a project to map BitPay’s Merchant Directory based on those who are actual retail locations.

SOURCE: Jan 7, 2014, 10-45-20 AM

LINK: Bitcoin Merchants - Google Fusion Tables

> At CES 2014. Proving that Bitcoin is a Hot Attraction. +Bitpay was listed as one of the Top 20 Checkins by Foursquare.

SOURCE: Jan 7, 2014, 5-31-27 PM

> There is always trying to find a good way to explain as much of what Bitcoin is as easy as possible. Nik5ter at Medium.com gave it a very good shot. And it was liked enough for Evan Williams of Blogger, Twitter and Medium promoted it with a tweet that made it very talked about.

LINK: Explain Bitcoin Like I’m Five

> Elliptic, The very first Bitcoin focused insured Bitcoin vault debuts in the scene. Quite an important development, just as important as the Bitcoin Bank backed by GoldMoney Limited. Curiously both are UK based developments. London sure seems to be what the time is.

SOURCE: https://www.elliptic.co/vault

> Worries over Bitcoin Mining Centralization materialized during the week as Ghash.io passed over 35% of hash power in the Bitcoin Network. This developed in a push for P2P Pool Mining in a way that was thought to be many months away. Eventually the crisis was averted but will remain close a critical point until enough miners switch to P2P Pool Mining.

LINK:  Mining Pool Centralization At Crisis Levels - Bitcoin Magazine

> Singapore gives out Full And Clear Tax Guidance on Bitcoin. They decide to see it as a service and as a product. Making Singapore stance on Bitcoin being unique compared to any other country.

LINK: Singapore Tax Authority Recognize Bitcoin And Give Out Guidance

> Bitcoin gets a second mention on FOX Sci-Fi Cop Show “Almost Human”. Making it clear that on that version of 2048, Bitcoin is very much so still around.


>  Bitcoin Makes The Cover And Lead Article Of Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine. Lead Article is on the arms race of Bitcoin Mining.

LINK: The Bitcoin-Mining Arms Race Heats Up


> Overstock.com Starts Accepting Bitcoin a lot early than they had announced thanks to a partnership with Coinbase who in the process gained the title of providing the biggest and more complex Bitcoin Merchant Integration to date. Causing the biggest Bitcoin News Frenzy everywhere this week.

SOURCE: Coinbase and Overstock.com Announce Largets Bitcoin Merchant Integration.

Pleased to announce that #Bitcoin is live at #Overstock.com! http://t.co/mx9TFc8KNQ

— Overstock.com (@Overstock) January 9, 2014

> On The first day of Overstock accepting Bitcoin, they ended with over $125K from over 800 transactions. Making the day a hell of a success for Overstock. Specially since it was USA-only. As International support for Bitcoin payments on Overstock is still to come.


After 21 hours on @overstock.com, we've had 780 #Bitcoin orders that accounted for $124,000 in sales. Wow!

— Patrick M. Byrne (@OverstockCEO) January 10, 2014

@s0ld13r desafortunadamente, no se puede comprar con Bitcoin en el extranjero. Pero mas o menos pronto, si. Viva Chile!

— Patrick M. Byrne (@OverstockCEO) January 10, 2014

         Translation from above Tweet relevant info: “Unfortunately you cannot buy with Bitcoin in the exterior. But more or less soon you will”

>  Verotel, The internet payment provider for High-risk merchants that is associated with being one of the biggest payment provider inbetweener for Adult Entertainment Sites announced that they will start taking Bitcoin via a +Bitpay partnership. While not as highlighted around in the news. This development is easily one of the Top 5 Bitcoin News of the week in terms of importance. It also puts in context last week news about why certain Adult Entertainment Sites Network suddenly started accepting it.

SOURCE: Verotel Launches Bitcoin With BitPay - The Sacramento Bee

> First serious Bitcoin Exchange debuted in The Philippines. With a focus on targeting the remittance market.

SOURCE: www.BuyBitcoin.ph

LINK: New Filipino Bitcoin Exchange Targets Remittance Market

> PrivateFly.com, A Private Jet booking site started accepting Bitcoin. You can travel with style on Bitcoin. Of course, if you can afford it…

SOURCE: PrivateFly.com

> On the heels of  USA’s Colorado State legalizing Marijuana came the snag that those in the Business of Marijuna Dispensaries cannot get a back account. Problem well suited for Bitcoin. Where one of the solutions will be store into Bitcoin. As there is really no other way without breaking the law and avoid hoarding cash.

SOURCE: Colorado Marijuana Dispensary Uses Bitcoin To Evade Federal Laws

> Originally, the rumored first big  online retailer in the USA soon to accept Bitcoin was Newegg. Thing that was debunked as only something being thought over by the retailer.. But after Overstock.com adopting it, they are now hinting that they are do considering it fully.

LINK: US IT retailer Newegg hints at Bitcoin payment acceptance

> The First Documented Bitcoin Transaction In North Korea took place. Done on Reddit by the aptly named BitcoinDPRK  via BitcoinTip to Sean´s Outpost for $100 USD.


SOURCE: The first Bitcoin Transaction In North Korea

> Hal Finney, The second person to mine Bitcoin and The first to ever receive Bitcoin from Satoshi Nakamoto told his personal story on the past few years. It is quite the emotional and inspirational read. A must read.

SOURCE: Bitcoin and me (Hal Finney)

> Pastebin.com started to accept Bitcoin. Anonymous must be pissed it was not Anoncoin. But hey, they have to start somewhere.

SOURCE: Pastebin.com - GO PRO!

> Vice.com Interviewed +Jerry Brito

SOURCE: Everything You Need to Know About Bitcoin- VICE Podcast 027

> Someone recorded a video from the so called New York Bitcoin Exchange or Bitcoin Center.  Looks like a nice start.


> Bitcoin P2P Pool Mining did got a bit easier as the official site of P2Pool now counts with a Windows OS Guide.

SOURCE: P2Pool'in! - the official homepage of the P2Pool software

> Those holding Western Union may be getting antsy because of Bitcoin. According to this report.

SOURCE: Western Union (WU) Decline Continues on Bitcoin-Related Concerns

> SmartMetric to Launch World's First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection. One of the most intriguing novelty developments of the week.

SOURCE: SmartMetric to Launch World's First Bitcoin Card With Biometric Fingerprint Protection

> eZanga, Website Advertising Network started accepting Bitcoin.

SOURCE: eZanga accepts Bitcoin – eZanga

> Wheely started accepting Bitcoin to fund your Taxi Fare Credit. In both Russia and The U.K.  They got Apps for Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

SOURCE: Wheely. London's most stylish minicab service

> CheapFlowers.com (USA-only) started accepting Bitcoin.

Cheap Flowers - Nationwide Flower Delivery

> Butterfly Labs Was At CES 2014. Am surprised of no news of disgruntled customers fighting with them at the CES floor have been reported.

SOURCE: ButterFly Labs Mining Cards and Bitsafe Hardware Wallet - CES 2014

> A Fuel Dispenser That Will Accept Your Bitcoin. Not a news from this week. But I gave the rounds this week.



The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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06 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week Of 30 Of December 2013 To The 5th Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

December 2013 was such a rush and a crash for Bitcoin. From having an effervescent time at the moon with a  Bitcoin Average Exchange Price of  $1200 USD to experiencing its first big correction crash since April to a down of $450 all thanks to a whole lot of Drama caused by new regulations imposed by the Chinese Government and even the start of such effect in other governments like the one from India and Taiwan. January 2014 starts with that but with a BAEP pushing slowly and surely upwards until it reached over $900 USD again. All being driven by a whole lot of Big news. News you can find here of course.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at $735 and went upwards at a consistent pace until January 3 when it started to rally up with a high of $850. Went down to $810 on January 4 and then started to rally up again on January 5 with a high of $865. Leaving the week with an upwards trend.


> Coinbase released a new version of their Bitcoin Wallet App for Android and a New Merchant POS App also for Android. Good news and all. But not as great as if they had also released these Apps also for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1.

LINK:  http://blog.coinbase.com/post/71607045439/new-coinbase-for-android-and-coinbase-merchant-app

> John Carmack Tweets about having finally read the Bitcoin Paper.  Wishes he had more time to also read the code source. I also wish so.

> BitcoinPulse had a look at Github dev data for Bitcoin, Stripe and Paypal. Found that Bitcoin had a lot more developer activity.

LINK: http://blog.bitcoinpulse.com/bitcoin-big-hit-with-developers-predicting-the-future-with-github/

> Reserve Bank of India deputy governor KC Chakrabarty offered a statement regarding Bitcoin regulation in India:

“Regulation comes only when people are doing certain business and we come to understand that something wrong is happening. First of all we don’t understand this subject…But, at present, what we are saying is neither we regulate them nor we support them…Whether it is… legal or illegal, we don’t know. If it crosses the limit of legality then people may face a problem. So people should be cautious, should understand.”

Yep. It basically says nothing at all other that they don´t know what Bitcoin is yet.

> For year end most Mainstream News Sites come to agree that when it came to financial tech news.  2013 was Bitcoin year. From RT, to Bloomberg and even CNBC. Among others.

And also to the delight of news show producers a very popular new topic to latch onto. Ok, The Bitcoin Scene was also delighted.

>  Ahmed Otherman Studio Photography did some very cool and very important Bitcoin  mock-up PSA Ads:



So, yeah, please back up your wallet.

LINK: http://aostudio.me

> Fortress Investment Group to do a Bitcoin Fund. Probably similar to the one from SecondMarket. News not 100% confirmed but looks like a solid one already.

LINK: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2013/12/31/fortress-is-forming-a-bitcoin-fund/

> Someone at Reddit announced that he had sued Butterfly Labs and that he had won.  He is still trying to collect though. I wish him luck. hopefully they will not send him monthly messages that they are going to pay him in two weeks.

LINK: I sued BFL in Kansas jurisdiction and won. – Bitcoin

> Devil´s Due, The Indy ComicBook Publisher is now accepting payments in Bitcoin. They have some nice series. I do have bought some of them.

LINK: http://www.devilsdue.net/

> A Bitcoin Center Opened In NYC. It appears to be centered in educating materials and as a point to reunite and trade Bitcoin.

LINK: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1u5dzr/bitcoins_traded_on_wall_street_to_usher_in_2014/

> CNBC did a Better Bet In 2014: Bitcoin or Gold segment. Something noteworthy as one year ago or even 9 months ago that would had been unthinkable.

LINK: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000232218

> Lamassu, The Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer announced they had sold their 100th Bitcoin ATM. Making their revenue so far be around .5 to 1 million dollars.

LINK: Lamassu Sells 100th Bitcoin ATM

> Trezor did a presentation and demo at 30c3. Unfortunately no one asked about the issue with the pricing. But it is still worth a watch.


> THE Google+ Bitcoin Community I do happen to command and co-own reached 5000 members. And it really had been a pleasure to drive it. If you are interested in Bitcoin it really is the friendliest and easier community you can get into.

LINK: https://plus.google.com/communities/115591368588047305300

> BOND NY. A Real State Agency based on New York started accepting Bitcoin.

LINK: BOND New York will accept payment in Bitcoin

> Porn.com site and sites start accepting payments in Bitcoin.  This means not just Porn.com but the affiliated sites to it too.

> Bitcoin Turns 5 Years Old. The Bitcoin Code Source Publication and The Start Of The Blockchain by the mining of the first block by Satoshi Nakamoto happened on January 3rd of 2009. Reason why that date is considered Bitcoin Birthday.

> Zynga starts accepting payments in Bitcoin. Now you can pay for digital goods for many of Zynga´s Social Play Schemes like Farmville 2, Cityville and many more. Huge news.

LINK: Games Giant Zynga Starts Playing With Bitcoin

> Malaysia Gives Bitcoin The Regulatory  Green Light For Now.

LINK: Malaysia Gives Bitcoin the Green Light For Now

> Netagio, An Online Bitcoin Bank of sorts appears in the spotlight. Backed by GoldMoney Limited from James Turk. Looks legit, certainly the most legit attempt at something like it.

LINK:  Netagio

> eToro Launches Bitcoin Public Trading.  One of the less looked at big bitcoin news of the week for sure.

LINK: eToro Launches Bitcoin Public Trading CoinQA

> Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees and Vitalik Buterin Join KryptoKit in Ownership Roles. Great news for Kryptokit. Now, if they only can make the encrypted messaging to work for more than the first added contact. All will be great. If you like me wondered how does this changes Vitalik Buterin position in UnSystem and DarkWallet.  I did so too. So I asked VB and he said they would be cooperating, specially with things like coinjoin implementation.  I take his response as it meaning he will be pretty much the bridge between Kryptokit and Unsystem.

LINK: Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees and Vitalik Buterin Join KryptoKit in Ownership Roles

> The Pirate Bay will be doing their own version of Freenet to circumvent web censorship. And verification will apparently be done via Bitcoin payments. In a sort of way similar to Namecoin. So, it may be part  Namecoin just done with Bitcoin.  (p2p alt dns), part Blogtorrent  and part freenet. Since they distribute their own Modded Browser, they do can make this work and when it comes to most static and mildly interactive sites. These would look and work just like any other site and load not fast, but fast enough.

LINK: How The Pirate Bay Plans to Beat Censorship For Good TorrentFreak

The Send Off

And those were the news highlight of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every Monday for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated and linked for you.

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