06 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week Of 30 Of December 2013 To The 5th Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

December 2013 was such a rush and a crash for Bitcoin. From having an effervescent time at the moon with a  Bitcoin Average Exchange Price of  $1200 USD to experiencing its first big correction crash since April to a down of $450 all thanks to a whole lot of Drama caused by new regulations imposed by the Chinese Government and even the start of such effect in other governments like the one from India and Taiwan. January 2014 starts with that but with a BAEP pushing slowly and surely upwards until it reached over $900 USD again. All being driven by a whole lot of Big news. News you can find here of course.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at $735 and went upwards at a consistent pace until January 3 when it started to rally up with a high of $850. Went down to $810 on January 4 and then started to rally up again on January 5 with a high of $865. Leaving the week with an upwards trend.


> Coinbase released a new version of their Bitcoin Wallet App for Android and a New Merchant POS App also for Android. Good news and all. But not as great as if they had also released these Apps also for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8.1.

LINK:  http://blog.coinbase.com/post/71607045439/new-coinbase-for-android-and-coinbase-merchant-app

> John Carmack Tweets about having finally read the Bitcoin Paper.  Wishes he had more time to also read the code source. I also wish so.

> BitcoinPulse had a look at Github dev data for Bitcoin, Stripe and Paypal. Found that Bitcoin had a lot more developer activity.

LINK: http://blog.bitcoinpulse.com/bitcoin-big-hit-with-developers-predicting-the-future-with-github/

> Reserve Bank of India deputy governor KC Chakrabarty offered a statement regarding Bitcoin regulation in India:

“Regulation comes only when people are doing certain business and we come to understand that something wrong is happening. First of all we don’t understand this subject…But, at present, what we are saying is neither we regulate them nor we support them…Whether it is… legal or illegal, we don’t know. If it crosses the limit of legality then people may face a problem. So people should be cautious, should understand.”

Yep. It basically says nothing at all other that they don´t know what Bitcoin is yet.

> For year end most Mainstream News Sites come to agree that when it came to financial tech news.  2013 was Bitcoin year. From RT, to Bloomberg and even CNBC. Among others.

And also to the delight of news show producers a very popular new topic to latch onto. Ok, The Bitcoin Scene was also delighted.

>  Ahmed Otherman Studio Photography did some very cool and very important Bitcoin  mock-up PSA Ads:



So, yeah, please back up your wallet.

LINK: http://aostudio.me

> Fortress Investment Group to do a Bitcoin Fund. Probably similar to the one from SecondMarket. News not 100% confirmed but looks like a solid one already.

LINK: http://finance.fortune.cnn.com/2013/12/31/fortress-is-forming-a-bitcoin-fund/

> Someone at Reddit announced that he had sued Butterfly Labs and that he had won.  He is still trying to collect though. I wish him luck. hopefully they will not send him monthly messages that they are going to pay him in two weeks.

LINK: I sued BFL in Kansas jurisdiction and won. – Bitcoin

> Devil´s Due, The Indy ComicBook Publisher is now accepting payments in Bitcoin. They have some nice series. I do have bought some of them.

LINK: http://www.devilsdue.net/

> A Bitcoin Center Opened In NYC. It appears to be centered in educating materials and as a point to reunite and trade Bitcoin.

LINK: http://www.reddit.com/r/Bitcoin/comments/1u5dzr/bitcoins_traded_on_wall_street_to_usher_in_2014/

> CNBC did a Better Bet In 2014: Bitcoin or Gold segment. Something noteworthy as one year ago or even 9 months ago that would had been unthinkable.

LINK: http://video.cnbc.com/gallery/?play=1&video=3000232218

> Lamassu, The Bitcoin ATM Manufacturer announced they had sold their 100th Bitcoin ATM. Making their revenue so far be around .5 to 1 million dollars.

LINK: Lamassu Sells 100th Bitcoin ATM

> Trezor did a presentation and demo at 30c3. Unfortunately no one asked about the issue with the pricing. But it is still worth a watch.


> THE Google+ Bitcoin Community I do happen to command and co-own reached 5000 members. And it really had been a pleasure to drive it. If you are interested in Bitcoin it really is the friendliest and easier community you can get into.

LINK: https://plus.google.com/communities/115591368588047305300

> BOND NY. A Real State Agency based on New York started accepting Bitcoin.

LINK: BOND New York will accept payment in Bitcoin

> Porn.com site and sites start accepting payments in Bitcoin.  This means not just Porn.com but the affiliated sites to it too.

> Bitcoin Turns 5 Years Old. The Bitcoin Code Source Publication and The Start Of The Blockchain by the mining of the first block by Satoshi Nakamoto happened on January 3rd of 2009. Reason why that date is considered Bitcoin Birthday.

> Zynga starts accepting payments in Bitcoin. Now you can pay for digital goods for many of Zynga´s Social Play Schemes like Farmville 2, Cityville and many more. Huge news.

LINK: Games Giant Zynga Starts Playing With Bitcoin

> Malaysia Gives Bitcoin The Regulatory  Green Light For Now.

LINK: Malaysia Gives Bitcoin the Green Light For Now

> Netagio, An Online Bitcoin Bank of sorts appears in the spotlight. Backed by GoldMoney Limited from James Turk. Looks legit, certainly the most legit attempt at something like it.

LINK:  Netagio

> eToro Launches Bitcoin Public Trading.  One of the less looked at big bitcoin news of the week for sure.

LINK: eToro Launches Bitcoin Public Trading CoinQA

> Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees and Vitalik Buterin Join KryptoKit in Ownership Roles. Great news for Kryptokit. Now, if they only can make the encrypted messaging to work for more than the first added contact. All will be great. If you like me wondered how does this changes Vitalik Buterin position in UnSystem and DarkWallet.  I did so too. So I asked VB and he said they would be cooperating, specially with things like coinjoin implementation.  I take his response as it meaning he will be pretty much the bridge between Kryptokit and Unsystem.

LINK: Roger Ver, Erik Voorhees and Vitalik Buterin Join KryptoKit in Ownership Roles

> The Pirate Bay will be doing their own version of Freenet to circumvent web censorship. And verification will apparently be done via Bitcoin payments. In a sort of way similar to Namecoin. So, it may be part  Namecoin just done with Bitcoin.  (p2p alt dns), part Blogtorrent  and part freenet. Since they distribute their own Modded Browser, they do can make this work and when it comes to most static and mildly interactive sites. These would look and work just like any other site and load not fast, but fast enough.

LINK: How The Pirate Bay Plans to Beat Censorship For Good TorrentFreak

The Send Off

And those were the news highlight of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every Monday for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated and linked for you.

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