21 January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary For The Week From The 13 To The 19 Of January 2014

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary

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The Feel Of The Week

It was quite a week. Not as insane as the past two. But it still was pretty hectic. There were still some pretty cool news and many developments. If you somehow felt it was not a hectic week, then read on because it really was.

The News Highlights:

> USD Bitcoin Average Exchange Price started this week at a $875 high and then went for a roller-coaster ride down and the up with 3  peaks of $362, $364 and $363. Eventually it ended the week down respective to last week at $838. There is no telling if it will rally up. But it looks like the BAEP is on a stabilization phase. As fluctuation this week didn’t exceeded a 10%. That in the end is good progress.


> The first Argentinian Bitcoin Exchange, Unisend launched.

LINK: www.unisend.com

> The Hindu News Sites stated the obvious and says Bitcoins per se are not illegal in India.

SOURCE: Bitcoins per se are not illegal in India- Nishith Desai

> People’s Bank Of China Assures It Doesn’t Intend To “Supress or Discriminate against Bitcoin”. Well, good news. But talk about mixed signaling over in China.

SOURCE: People’s Bank of China assures it doesn’t intend to “suppress or discriminate against Bitcoin”

> +Bitpay launched their Bitcoin Payroll API. For registered Bitpay Merchants that have employees that want to be pay in Bitcoin or run on Bitcoin.

SOURCE: https://bitpay.com/bitcoin-payroll-api 

> The French Senate held their hearings on Bitcoin. And here you have the actual video of that hearing.



LINK:  French Senate Holds Hearings on Bitcoin

> Chicago Sun-Times announced plans for a Paywall Test that asks for Tweets or Bitcoin Donations. It will be powered by Bitwall.

LINK: http://www.thedomains.com/2014/01/14/chicago-sun-times-to-test-bitcoin-and-twitter-paywall-with-startup-bitwall/ 

> Casascius Coins Reopened.

SOURCE: Bitcoin Mint Reopens After Nastygram From Feds Wired Enterprise Wired.com

> Sacramento Kings Started Accepting Bitcoin. +Bitpay is the payment processor.

LINK: Sacramento Kings Fans Can Now Buy Tickets And Merchandise With Bitcoin Via BitPay TechCrunch

> Lawyer for Winkelvoss Twins’ Bitcoin ETF Said SEC Review Going Smoothly.


> eBay UK will allow sale of Bitcoin in Classifieds. Expect prices on ebay to be higher than even LocalBitcoins though.

SOURCE: eBay UK allows sale of cryptocurrencies within its Classifieds section starting Feb

> GoGreenSolar.com Completes World's First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin. For a true tech life circle it would be cool if they were powering Bitcoin miners paid with Bitcoin. and it could be since they were paid by Boost.vc. A venture capital firm that invest in Bitcoin Startups.

SOURCE: GoGreenSolar.com Completes World’s First Solar Installation Paid Entirely in Bitcoin

> Italian Amendment Could Treat Bitcoin Like Cash. Italian Parliament Member Sergio Boccadutri is the person behind it.

SOURCE: Italian Amendment Would Treat Bitcoin Like Cash

> Dutch Helicopter Firm Heliflight Started Accepting Bitcoin Payments.

SOURCE: http://www.coindesk.com/dutch-helicopter-firm-heliflight-bitcoin-payments/

> Coinbase issued a flurry of Security Updates to their site. As a Coinbase user, that made me happy.

SOURCE: Security Updates On Coinbase

> Snapcard Launched Bill-Pay, An apparently USA-Only new service to pay regular bills with Bitcoin. The first thing you can use it for is to Pay the IRS if you are in the USA.

LINK: Pay Your Taxes With Bitcoin

> Quantum Properties became the first Canadian Realtor to accept Bitcoin.


> 16 year old and Dogecoin Supporter won Blockchain.info 10 BTC prize. Damn, I did entered that….


> Belgium Central Bank And Financial Authority Issued A Bitcoin Warning. Yeah, another week, another one of these.

LINK:  http://bitcoinexaminer.org/belgiums-central-bank-and-financial-authority-issue-warning-against-bitcoin/

> Bitcoin Developer Mike Hearn and Amex VP Michael Barrett Joined Circle Team. Impressive for sure. This makes Circle the most hyped yet-to-launch Bitcoin Startup. They better be good as it is rumored they will be taking on Coinbase, Blockchain.info and possibly be offering something along the lines of Elliptic and Netagio.

SOURCE: http://www.coindesk.com/circle-advisory-board-members-burns-appointment/

> Porn.com said that a quarter of Porn.com HD Video Subscriptions are purchased with Bitcoin. This after starting accepting it around two weeks ago as covered in BWNS.

SOURCE: A Quarter of Porn.com's Videos Are Purchased with Bitcoin Nerve.com

> Canada Finance Officials said that Bitcoin is not legal tender.

LINK: Canada is keeping an eye on virtual currency, but doesn't yet recognize Bitcoin as legal tender

> Canada Became The Country With The Highest Amount Bitcoin ATM’s machines open and about to open. 

LINK: Canada turns into the country with most Bitcoin ATMs despite government’s opinion

> Bit4Coin Announced They Had Sold More Than 1000 Bitcoin Gift Cards.

SOURCE: http://bitcoinexaminer.org/bit4coin-announces-news-for-2014-after-selling-more-than-1000-btc-gift-cards/

> Listentobitcoin(.)com still serving malware. Remember to only use Bitlisten.com

SOURCE: Musical Bitcoin Bubbles Serve Java Applets, Malware

>Korea's biggest Bitcoin exchange, Korbit got $400,000 from Silicon Valley investors.

LINK: Korea's biggest Bitcoin exchange gets $400,000 from Silicon Valley investors

> Butterfly Labs Put Up A Website For Their BitSafe Bitcoin Hardware Wallet. Looks pretty good I must admit. If they release it for a good price, I do can see me buying one, if I don’t have to wait months after paying it in advance of course.

SOURCE: http://www.butterflylabs.com/bitcoin-hardware-wallet

> USA Senator Tom Caper asked the Commodity Futures Trading Commision (CFTC) to clarify their position on Digital Currencies.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/us-senator-regulatory-clarification-digital-currencies/

> UK Tax Authority could reclassify Bitcoin as Private Money. If so, it would be mirroring Germany stance.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/uk-tax-authority-hmrc-reclassify-bitcoin-private-currency/

> Romanian Presidential Candidate Started Accepting Bitcoin Donations.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/romanian-presidential-candidate-accepts-bitcoin-donations/

> Indonesia Central Bank Issued Warning Against Bitcoin Use.

LINK: http://www.coindesk.com/indonesia-central-bank-warns-bitcoin-use/

SOURCE: http://nasional.kontan.co.id/news/bi-pemakaian-bitcoin-melanggar-undang-undang

> Backpage.com Is Apparently Accepting Bitcoin!? I have not confirmed this news. But if it is so, it would be quite news worthy. If anyone knows if it is true or false. Let me know.



> Forbes released this sort of Bitcoin Merchant Testimonials video.



The Send Off.

And those were the news highlights of that week when it comes to Bitcoin. Comeback every week for the very best way to catch a whole week worth of Bitcoin News in just one place in just minutes, annotated, commented and fully linked at for you.

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