08 July 2014

SysTools EDB to PST Converter

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EDB to PST Converter is a solution to move Exchange mailboxes and public folder data into Outlook PST. Meant for Windows OS platform;the tool process conversion on dismounted, password protected, and corrupt EDB file. The solution is a creation of SysTools Group that is known for its famed services in email migration and data recovery domain.

This particular product extracts data from user-mailboxes and shared data in public folders into PST that gives variety of benefits of administrators like relocating mailboxes, archiving, handling downtime, accessing data inside network and much more. The tool works on minimum system requisites and can perform conversion on multiple PST files at once.

Qualities Of the Software

The tool gives the benefit of converting pub.edb and priv.edb file into MS Outlook PST file.

Mailboxes of any size can be migrated into PST as resultant Outlook file is Unicode formatted.

Password protected, corrupt, and dismounted EDB file can be converted into Outlook PST.

EDB file contents emails, attachments, etc. can be previewed under software interface.

Selective items, mailboxes, and folders can be exported from Exchange EDB file to PST.

This tool to convert EDB to PST gives optional facility to ignore System Folders from export.

Split PST option is available in tool to divide large sized mailboxes into section (1 to 45 GB).

For users of lower Exchange edition, the option to select and export STM file is included.





Evaluation and Investment:

Software Analysis: For product evaluation, its developers offers free trial version. The freeware works perfectly well to analyze the software and get an idea of if the product is suitable to fix the problem. It has scanning and exporting options activated but only first 25 items from every folder of EDB file will be converted into PST file.

Purchase Process: The tool is available in four different licenses: Personal, Corporate, Technician, and Enterprise. This categorization of licenses is definitely an advantage if the product has to be invested for single user or for multiple users, or for multiple users in different geographical area.

There are three gateways provided by the company to make payment for the product: FastSpring, PayPal, and 2Checkout. Activation key of the product will be provided on email address that is mentioned while filling form for payment making.

Positive Points: 

  • Speed of the tool is something that is absolutely appreciable. Along with this, there is precision in output; be it mentioning about the HTML formatting, metadata of email, folder mapping, or retaining data.
  • If stuck while performing EDB to PST conversion, contact to technical support department can be made. This service is available 24/7 and is absolutely free.
  • There is 30 days money back guarantee if the product fails to work as promised. However, there are certain terms and conditions of the company for its refund policy. Go through them thoroughly.
  • EDB file of any size can be converted into Outlook PST file. Most importantly, there is support to pub.edb to PST conversion available which is hardly provided by Microsoft native solutions.
  • Software ability to work on corrupt and dismounted EDB file makes it an EDB to PST recovery solution. This quality of the tool helps users to extract data when the offline database file of Exchange is damaged or is inconsistent.

Scope of Improvement:

  • The software recovers data from EDB file if it is dismounted from Server. Its inability to extract data from an online EDB file is a drawback that might halter working of organization when live EDB to PST conversion is the call.
  • The refund policy of the company has lots of terms and conditions that a user might not read before purchasing. Less T&C would make it more clear for the users.
  • There is no option in the tool for recovering deleted data even if it lies under retention period. Deleted data recovery option is un-supported which is a pull back in the tool.


Although there are different native solutions offered by Microsoft to export mailboxes into PST file, still third party tools give a user to invest in them. SysTools EDB to PST Converter is a powerful solution for the basic functioning of moving mailboxes into Outlook PST file.

The plus point of the tool is its accuracy in output with minimum time investment. Also, its price is reasonable as compared to other EDB to PST conversion tools (this could be because of concentration of tool more on just converting EDB to PST).

If some improvement is made in the product, it could be the best EDB to PST file conversion tool in the market. Although there are number of plus points in the tool but progress is needed.

EDB to PST Converter works on all versions of Windows. From XP SP3 to Windows 8.1-U1 and got a Freemium scheme to it.


EDB to PST Converter



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