09 February 2017

Bitcoin Weekly News Summary 2017 W5 (30/01/2017- 05/02/2017)


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Bitcoin Average Exchange Price For The Week


  • Mon, January 30:              $920-$925
  • Tue, January 31:                $926-$976
  • Wed, February 1st:           $973-$993
  • Thursday, February 2nd: $989-$1000-$1029
  • Friday, February 3rd:        $1022-$1031-$1020
  • Saturday, February 4th:   $1019-$1043
  • Sunday, Feb 5:                    $1041-$1021-$1036


The Bitcoin Average Exchange Price for the week was nothing else but an uptrend, a climb or a bull walk depending on how you want to call it. All positive, all week. As such, there is not even a point in trying to write more on it than is needed. Because of that, I instead, just put up the list of the Price Ranges during the days of the week from low to high. With in most days during the week, the low and the high also being the price start of the day and the ending price of the day respectively. You cannot ask for a better week than that. Not too frantic, Not too volatile. Just up, up and up.



Microsoft Announced A Collaboration With Tieron For Blockchain-Based Attestation And Data Platform

Which means being able to manage data that has been linked to a blockchain for proof of existence and and integrity validation. Tieron approach is to being able to do so effectively from a single point being able to do all this for a big amount of data. While it is never confirmed they are talking about the Bitcoin Blockchain. Tieron is primarily Bitcoin blockchain based and it is really the only blockchain you would want to do this with. 


Link: Via Diana Ngo at Coinjournal


Owner Of Polish Bitcoin Exchange Bitcurex Ran Away With 2,300 BTC

In what is a very sad end to a Bitcoin Exchange from Poland that has been around since 2012. The owner and operator decided to perform a disappearing act. Hopefully something will come out of this and the operator of this exchange will be caught.


Link: Via William Suberg at Bitcoinist


IRS Seeked To Delay Hearing In Coinbase Data Dispute

In the ongoing saga of the IRS vs Coinbase & Berns. USA’s Tax Man has now asked to move the hearing until the 23rd of March. Something that notably neither Coinbase or Berns objected to. Whether this means the IRS will reduce the scope of their petition to Coinbase or will come with a trick is unknown.


Link: Via Stan Higgins at CoinDesk


Federal Reserve Employee Mined Bitcoins On Federal Reserve Servers For 2 Years

While the headline gives away almost all the story. It is one hell of a headline. It is news and it is also contextually Funny and Ironic. You don’t get much of those kind of headline. Only other details worth adding to the story is that the guy got away with a misdemeanor offense, a year in probation and a $5000 USD fine. Considering he mined from 2012 to 2014. It was worth it only if the guy held the Bitcoin.

If there is ever a follow up to this story, I want an interview with guy years later just answer that question: did you held the Bitcoins? Yes or no. That’s it.


Link: Via Luke Parker at BraveNewCoin


Gemini Announced Zero-Confirmation Bitcoin Deposits

Meaning they will immediate allow for those deposits to become USD. This as long the depositors agree to be submitted to an automated clearing system that will preemptively calculate how long it will take for those transactions to be confirmed in the Bitcoin Blockchain and how likely they are to get confirmed normally in the first place.


Link: Gemini Blog


Vaultoro Will Be Part Of Techstars Berlin Accelerator 2017 Class

This will surely take profile of this unique Gold & Bitcoin Startup profile a lot higher.  Vaultoro has always seemed as an interesting Startup for sure.


Link: Via Alicia Naumoff at Cointelegraph


Bitpesa Raised $2.5M USD In A New Series A Funding Round. Aims For Expansion To Nigeria

The African Bitcoin Startup that started out of Kenya had already grown to extend some targeted coverage to Uganda and Tanzania. This new round was led by Draper VC, along with Greycroft Partners, Blockchain Capital, BnkToTheFuture, Digital Currency Group, Pantera Capital Future\Perfect Ventures and Zephyr Acorn. Of those, Greycroft is a new investor in the startup.


Link: Via Stan Higgins at Coindesk


Venezuelan Bitcoin Exchange SurBitcoin Shut Down After Their Bank Account Got Suddenly Closed

This news, in no doubt a continuation of the apparent crackdown by Venezuela’s Government on Bitcoin. Coming after and closing down of two Bitcoin Mining Operations in the country along series of arrest on the matter. While it is unclear what will happen with SurBitcoin. The response to this news was that volumes on LocalBitcoins shot up higher along with Bitcoin activity on the Colombian side from Venezuelans.


Link: Via Jaime Redman at News.Bitcoin.com


Bitcoin Exempted From UAE’s Central Bank Ban On Virtual Currencies

Good news coming out of the United Arab Emirates. Since the reason given was that it is because Bitcoin is a Digital Currency and a Store of Value. Which is correct. For me it is specially good news because that means the UAE got their definitions straight and sorted out. Something that don’t seems to be the cases yet in many parts of the world.


Link: Via Alex Lielacher at Bitcoin Magazine


Kiara Robles Of Blockstream Was Cowardly Attacked At UC Berkeley With Pepper Spray While Wearing A “Make Bitcoin Great Again” Hat

In a sad series of happenings that then was turned around with a flurry of media coverage by the same Kiara Robles. Even if the last thing you would want is media coverage out of controversy. In the end, Bitcoin also got some extra air time. It just disappointing this was the way it happened.

Fidelity Charitable, The Public Charity Arm of Fidelity Investments Announced They Had Raised $7M USD In Bitcoin Donations On 2016

Quite remarkable success. Certainly not an amount anyone would had expected.


Link: Via Stan Higgins at Coindesk


Novelties & Humor


VR Bitcoin Block Explorer



The answer to the question of how could a Bitcoin Block Explorer could look if it was part of a VR environment.


Bitcoin In A Super Bowl LI Ad


Only for a fraction of a second. But still counts, specially given the context and the kind of Ad it was.



Patrick Byrne From Overstock Appeared In A Fox Business Segment With A “Make Bitcoin Great Again” Hat


Hat which by the way refers to those supporting Segwit and that want it to pass so Bitcoin can continue growing safely.


This edition of BWNS is brought to you by Keepkey: the best looking and easiest to use Bitcoin Hardware Wallet that helps you securely hold your Bitcoin Wallet Private Key, While at the same time allowing you to use it safely and swiftly to transact with at any moment.  www.BuyKeepKey.com


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