Appatic is a Blog about Software and Tech lead by Avatar X. 

Users of Windows Operating Systems are considered the main target audience for this blog. 

Appatic  was based around some very specific guidelines about what it is blogged and the how :

1.-Every App that is profiled in the Blog has been tried out or tested as better applicable. In the case of Web based apps they have been tried out in more than one browser, with the minimum being the 3 current Top Browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. 

When it comes to Desktop based Apps, these are tried out and tested in different degrees in the currently in support Windows Operating Systems. Usually in Windows XP, Windows 7 and in Windows 8.

When it comes to Mobile based Apps these are tried out and tested in different degrees in the 2 currently in support Windows Phone Operating Systems. Usually in Windows Phone 7.8 and Windows Phone 8.

Apps are tried out with the intent of giving it a Quick View or a Review.

A Quick View means that i have checked, downloaded and tried  out the app once. 

A Review means that i have checked, downloaded, used and tested the app multiple times over a period of time.

2.- The blog posts in Appatic are fact, test and reference geared. Hype and biased perspectives are what the blog tries to steer away from.

3.- There is an effort to keep the content and the identity as honest and straightforward as possible. Appatic offers full blog posts front page, full content RSS feeds, full content E-mail forwarded subscriptions, Non-Dissonant Advertising, neutral comment moderation, linkbait free blog post titles, clear blog post titles and clearly findable app or source  linkage and signage.

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