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App Submission Guidelines

Before submitting your app to Appatic the following Guidelines must be met:

I.- Check that the App you are submitting has not already been posted about before. Something that is just a Appatic Blog Search away.
II.- Appatic is a Blog geared for Windows OSes users. Because of that, i will not cover Desktop Apps that are only available in OS X or Linux. I do got no problem mentioning or even linking to app versions for non-windows OSes, just like I have already done so before many times. But a Desktop App has to have a Windows version for it to be posted about. This same rule applies for Mobile Apps, If they don’t have a Windows OS version (be it WP7 or WP8) then I will not cover them.

III.- If you are submitting a web app. Be sure it works in at least one current Internet Explorer version. Because no matter how modern or clever your web app is, it should be able to work in at least IE9. NO EXCUSES. Otherwise I will not post about it.

IV.- When submitting you desktop app, make sure it actually works right. Also take in count that I install and test every single app I post about in XP, W7 and W8 as applicable. If it is a Windows Metro only app, make that evident at your website or tell me about it in your submission.

V.- If your web service site or web app site happens to also host a blog that competes directly with mine. Am not posting about it. Sorry, that is just common sense. But if you want to purchase an Ad Square or a Sponsored Post, I am more than fine with that.

VI.- Don’t try to tell me how to write about your app. If you want your app to be written about in a certain way. Submit for a Sponsored Post instead, Only rule there is, that it cannot be an auto-review. It has to be an Info Post about the App.

VII.- If your App is in Private Beta, then you have to give me invite codes or a invite link for me to give to readers. If there are no invites for me to give out, there is no point for me to post about it here in Appatic . As then no one that gets interested in trying it out, will be able to do so.

VIII.- I fully respect embargoes. Just don’t forget to remind me about the end date if it has been over a month -- or simply a good while – since i have seen and tried out your App. 

IX.- Once I have posted about your app, I will gladly keep posting about the updates (when applicable) or be equally glad to keep updating the blog post about your App if needed. Just chime in and leave a comment in the original post I did about your app to let me know.



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